Welcome: Jay King’s First Blog

Welcome to my first blog
I am really happy to take this opportunity to touch base with you. This has been a long time dream of mine to have a way to communicate directly. I will be updating my blog before every show or when I have a wonderful trip or adventure that I just can’t wait to share with you.
This year seems to be screaming by. It’s funny when I was younger, time just seemed to stand still at times, and I wanted to be older, so I could experience more in life. Now that I am older, time seems to be rushing by and I am worried I don’t be able to see it all. There is an upside to time passing quickly – it takes several months to take an idea to a finished product, and I am always so excited to share it with you – the anticipation is painful at times, so since time passes quickly, before I know it I am on air and can share not only my latest creations, but also the story about how I designed it or the adventure of how I found the stone.
This month is a big travel month for me. I’m taking a two week trip across the polar ice cap and then south into Asia. This month I’ll travel all over Asia, this is always interesting, and one of the many trips to discover new “Mine Finds”, it gives me a chance to hook up with miners from around the world, as well as get a fresh look at color combinations and another culture’s interpretations on art and beauty. I will meet with all of my many foreign vendors and get to see everything from fresh water pearls to all the different shapes and colors of coral.
I have always enjoyed traveling, and the interesting cultures that you get exposed to. I will take this opportunity to film some of the unusual things and share them with you first hand. I will also be taking still pictures that you will see on an upcoming entry.
I am really excited about my upcoming visit. I have so many new and different designs to share. I have some unique combinations of stones and two great new concepts that will be debuting in the July show. Make sure to tune in so you can be one of the first to see them.
Please check in often and feel free to write me below – please keep in mind that when I am out exploring and discovering new finds…they don’t always have internet access, so it may take me a while to write you back or answer your questions – but rest assured I will do it when I return. Have a wonderful July – see you before you know it.
Safe travels……Jay

Why I work with jewelry…and am not a professional fisherman
With one of our miners holding Angelwing Chalcedony

Answers to Questions:


For questions on a specific request or need, please go to the HSN FAQs page and search keyword Jay King. This will give you the information on how to contact me directly. Thank you, look forward to hearing from you.

Ramona NY
Great Idea, the only thing I could possibly do is find some kind of new finding, I’ll check it out. J
Sheryl CO
Hi I grew up in Farmington, NM. I was skiing Durango when it was a single lift. Right now I don’t have any, but I am always doing new crosses .J
Carol CA
This comes from the South China Sea, this is its natural color, but its getting harder to come by. J
This is a great point. Just so that you know our goal is a quality product. The problem is how it is handled after it leaves our hands. I will always stand behind my designs 100% and repair anything I can This was one reason for the blog. We manufacture all over the world, example, all our silver comes from the country-regionUS , but we acquire rough and manufacture in several countries. I am not aware of anyone who doesn’t do the same. If the silver is done in the country-regionUS then the stone or rough materials come from other countries. It’s a global economy. J
Laura AR
Thanks, I love triple C I hope you tell more people about us. J
Becky IN
I can tell you shop early for Christmas. Great idea. J
Becky IN
I have Malachite from Africa coming soon, its very hard to get the good rough and its very expensive. J
Linda N H
Thank you so much. J
Laura OH
Thanks its never too late to start making jewelry. J
Elaine MI
I would love to do this. Maybe some day. I have lots of new magnetic designs coming up. J
Kat KS
Thanks for the kind words. I was born in Eureka, KS. J
Deanna OK
Its Anhui turquoise. A variety they call RED SKIN, because of how it looks……..It comes out looking like red balls when mined. J
Susan IL
Funny I am working on that now. Less than 5% of the Amber rough I get is this color. We will have it some time down the road. J
Martha MI
I buy direct from the mines in most cases. It depends on where you are going. You might want to read up a bit on Opals before you go. Knowledge is power, when buying. J

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