Wear The Best Shades of Lipstick for Summer

Wear The Best Shades of Lipstick for Summer

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As temperatures sizzle this month, the forecast on the most popular summer lip colors is electrically charged. Vivid shades of pink, berry purples and red-oranges have captured our attention this season. They glow alongside our suntans to make our faces seem that much brighter. These loud lipsticks work best with minimal, fresh-faced makeup looks where they can wield our full attention. Try out these brilliant colors with your next summer ensemble.


1. Warm Peaches

Terracotta Lipstick

During summer we really can’t go wrong with any lipstick with a fruity hue: watermelon, strawberry, and of course, peach. Warm peach tones with hints of gold will make our bronzers and natural summer tans look even more sun kissed. Apply it lightly on the contours of the cheeks for a subtle blush that ties together your look. Try this Terracotta Lipstick from Ready To Wear to get this look.


2. Pinky Lilac

Ultimate Lipstick in “Vice”

At first glance this shade of purple can be intimidating but it is so pretty when applied! The subtle pink undertone of this lilac lipstick is what makes it more versatile for wearers. Make lilac lips the focus of your face by going minimal on the rest of your makeup, maybe just emphasizing a dewy complexion and some mascara. A color like this Ultimate Lipstick in “Vice” is a very refreshing look for summer.


3. Intense Reds

Hot to Trot Red Lipstick

Red lipstick like this Hot to Trot Red is a classic look for winter but we can easily make this shade summer friendly. The trick to wearing a red lip successfully is to make it matte. Line lips with a nude or color-matching lip pencil and then use a lip brush to apply the lipstick. Next cover your lips with a one-ply piece of tissue paper and dust translucent powder over it. When you pull the tissue away you’ll have the perfect matte finish for summer red lips.


4. Bright Fuchsia

Be Legendary Lipstick in “Shock Me Pink”

It’s not hot pink and it’s definitely not rose, fuchsia is a color that can stand on its own. It’s sort of an inversion of the lilac lipstick with forward pink tones and a very subtle purple base. The best way to wear this lip color is to ombre it. Line the lips with a nude lip pencil and then apply lipstick to the cupids bow and center of the bottom lip. Now use fingers to smudge the lipstick out to the corners of the mouth. This will give a fuchsia tone like this Be Legendary Lipstick in “Shock Me Pink” a softer finish.


5. Sweet Berry Wine

Berry Nouveau Lipstick

Jewel tone lipsticks are being introduced this season and we can’t help but feel the 90’s revival in this one! These dark shades are normally reserved for the chillier temps of winter but it’s an unexpected breath of fresh air in summer too. The key to wearing darker colors is to create a super crisp application. Line lips with a matching lip liner and fill in the whole lip with it too for extra color-staying power. Try a wine-stained lip with a shade like this Berry Nouveau.


What will be your new shade for summer?

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