We Answer Your Italian Beauty Questions

We Answer Your Italian Beauty Questions

Dear All – I hope you are having a wonderful Summer! We are excited to see you all later this month for HSN’s 32nd Birthday!!!! Very Exciting! We will have many new kits, not to mention the best values of the year! As a special Birthday Surprise we have been able to answer most of your questions directly. We enjoy reading all your questions – regardless of their comments – we find them all insightful and constructive – we hope you will be patient with us as we try to meet all your request – not an easy task, but worth it!
We love our time with you all and look forward to every show!
Here are many of our answers – My Mother took the bottom half and I took the top half.
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Silvia, FL Dear Silvia – You are not the only one and we are looking into it – Thanks for sending us this blog.
NM, MI I’m sorry we have disappointed – we get very upset when we hear this – What was your combination – will try to match it – Thanks for writing us – Ciao!
Maureen, IN Thanks Maureen – Yes, we will look into making the Snowdrop Talc in a powder puff – It will not make it for this year but should next – Take care –
Kandy, AL Thank you Kandy – Sandalwood should be back this Dec. sorry for the wait – All our best!
Sonia, VA Thanks Sonia – We hear you loud and clear – Wishing you and your family a nice summer.Carlene, NY Thanks for writing Carlene – We certainly did not intend to upset you with our upgrade – We were hoping you would be happier with the new Shea Butter – We apologies – Regardless, we are currently looking into the problem to see why so many of you feel the Shea is not the same – The ingredients are better and the fragrance oil is exactly the same – So strange – Will spend time working on it and Im sure we will find a way to fix it – We appreciate you’re the time you took to blog us.
JA Dear JA – there is not way to be able to really tell a date on a product – see my answer two blogs down – Thank you!
SKIP! Hello – yes in the past we were able to respond to all your questions regularly – we no longer can do this – HSN has made great exceptions in order for us to write you all back. Regarding all your questions – Here are the answers:
New Flavors – Pear, Lime, Carnation, Cranberry – None of these are yet available – We are looking at an extension to our pomegranate line – by adding Cranberry & Acai. We also tested a few Pear scent for a launch this fall and again we were not happy with any of them – We will continue trying – We did try to have ready for this July all new Honey Body Sprays scented accordingly – unfortunately their cost were prohibitive. We are looking into launching them next year but must find a way to keep the integrity while making them affordable – Thank you for your blog!
OLD products, MI Dear MI, Every product has different codes and many of them do not match a date unless we looked them up in our log. About 3 years ago I was asked on a blog what the numbers on our products meant – and yes, in some instances we do place the year on the product but for all products its different – some are the first 2 numbers, some are the last 2, some are in the middle and some don’t have the year at all – I would need to look at our log to see when the product was made – The numbers on all our products are Batch Numbers and the actual information is logged into our books – This is how most cosmetic companies work. I must tell you that it is very unlikely if not almost impossible that you have a 4 year old Banana Product. Regardless, I’m sorry for your experience and thank you for taking the time to blog us.
Dee, NC – Thanks Dee – So happy to hear that you love our new Platinum Line – Have a great Summer and say to your mom for us!
Ann, FL Dear Ann – Sorry to see this email – We have focused on bringing the best possible values this year more than any other – We should have She Butter on HSN.com – Maybe not the old one but certainly the new one – We also will have new Shea kit in July (this month). Sizes on products have not gotten smaller – we have converted our 6.7oz body cream to 7.0oz in almost all the flavors and have not raised our prices in over the last 3 to 4 years. Please know that we are making a concerted effort to bring all of our customers the best values we can afford – especially now – Please watch our shows this July as you will see unprecedented opportunities for savings. Lastly, we generally are not able to answer blogs – We can create them but not answer them (this forum is meant for you, the HSN customer) but after reading all these questions this month, we were able to receive an exception and therefore are able to answer everyone personally – Please enjoy your summer and thanks for taking the time to post this blog.
nancy Dear Nancy – We will be launching our new Platinum Black Rice with SPF 15 in Oct. – Thanks for your Blog
Jan, WA Dear Jan – sorry but we will not have any of our Shea Butter Sun Products this year – I will try to have it ready for next April – Thanks for your request and time –
Robin, TN Sorry Robin – Dear Robin, I do see the item as available still on HSN.com – Item # 225-966 – I hope you get it. Otherwise I wish we had good news for you – unfortunately, we have no plans to bring it back this year. I will see if we can launch it in the first 3 months of next year – Thanks for your reminder and blog – It is a great product and deserves to always be available –
! LOVE ! Thanks for a great email regarding the scent of Blood Orange – Yes we will come out with a body spray next year – maybe March or April – We will also look into having the fragrance linger longer – Thank you!
Loretta, OH Dear Loretta – We have started adding 100% certified organic to all of our products through the primary ingredient (and where possible) – It is almost impossible and unaffordable to try and make a 100% certified organic product – not to mention you would probably need to use it all in 3 months from date of purchase.
Marcy, PA – Yes – the Honey 3 Liter will be back this month – (JULY)
JC See my answer to Ginny – Thanks for taking the time to post your blog – We will launch the EDT next April – All my best
Sue, PA See my answer to Ginny – Thanks for taking the time to post your blog – All my best
Victoria See my answer to Ginny – Thanks for taking the time to post your blog – All my best
YES! Will have many new Sprays for next April
Ginny, NJ Dear Ginny – Im sorry you don’t find the new fragrances to be the same as the old ones – We will look to correcting this problem immediately – this was not our intention – Thanks you for voicing your opinion.
NY Sorry – not next year – its planned for next March/April – I too love Lemon Vanilla – Yummmmy!
Pat, NC Thank you Pat – we are taking your blog into consideration – Ciao!
Yes we will have Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Vanilla and Peach Grapefruit all back next March/April – Thanks for your request.
Clorinda, NJ Thanks you Clorinda – Will work on all your requests – They seem to be similar to others – Thanks for letting us know –
R U GOING TO GIVE US COTTON CANDY AGAIN? Message received loud and clear – Will bring it back as soon as possible – see messages right below – Do you all know each other ? ?
I NEED COTTON CANDY PLEASE OK OK – Love the enthusiasm!
COTTON CANDY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Wow – ok – will look at bringing this back – maybe end of year as a special – Thanks
lasting New Blood Orange is delicious! – We agree with you 100% – We will launch a spray and we will work on making this fragrance last even longer – Thank you!
Ronnie, NY Sorry for causing some confusion – Regarding the Night Cream for Platinum Black Rice, Please use them together – Mix a small and even amount in your hand and use it on a clean dry face.
Eileen, CA I will find out why there is none available as we have not discontinued te olive fortifying hair mask – Thanks for letting us know –
For the record. I m sorry we have disappointed – We will try to fix this for you.
jackie, TX LOL – Thank you Jackie – Bitter sweet outcome when saving you money – LOL – But we too look fwd to speaking next time we are on. Regardless, to answer your question, The body Spray for Pink Peony will launch next April.
Sonia, VA Thank you Sonia – We will look to launch these new liquid soaps next year
Linda, OH I think we have a special Neutraline kit we are launching exclusively on HSN.com in Sept.
Pat, GA I will email the HSN team that takes care of this and ask them to contact you regarding this.
Vickie, GA Love your idea Vickie – Will look into it
Sandy, GA Shea Butter Talc will launch in Feb of 2010 – Thanks for your blog.
Sandy, GA Dear Sandy – Please know that we always fill all our product to the min. that in on the container – This is only our requirement but the law. It does occur that we fill more sometimes, but this in not the norm. if our products say 7.0oz you will always have 7.0oz – even if it look half empty – It might be that the container could hold 8 or even 8.4oz. if filled to the top. Regardless, please be assured you will always get the legal amount posted on the label – Thanks for your email
alice, NJ Hi Alice – See answers below I gave to Sharon from LA – Thanks
Rhonda, CA Yes Rhonda – we are looking into all that – Thank You!
Audrey, NY Dear Audrey we truly appreciate your comments regarding the Body Cream – Im sorry for your experience – Thank you for letting us know –
Rebecca, GA Dear Rebecca – You are in luck – we don’t make the Double Latte and Coffee but we will have the Milk and Coffee in our July Shows – I’m sure you will love it! Hope you can watch or order on-line. Thank YOU!
Lisa, NY Hi Lisa – Thanks for your email – Yes,this Dec. we will will have matching ½ liter Shower Gels and Body Lotions –
Sharon, LA Sorry for causing some confusion – Regarding the Night Cream for Platinum Black Rice, Please use them together – Mix a small and even amount in your hand and use it on a clean dry face.
BLOOD ORANGE, CO Thank you! We will have more Blood Orange this month (July) and I love the idea of a diffuser – Thank you!
Lorna, CA We did not stop making Olive Oil Talc – I will make sure HSN orders more – Thank you!
Patt, NY The Double Latte with Peppermint will be available in Aug. of this year
Sheri, CA Yes Sheri – We will be launching the New Platinum Black Rice Hand Cream w/SPF in Oct.
Roseanna, KY I will see why they are not available – We did not discontinue this line – Thanks for letting me know –
Broken We will always try and meet all of your requests when we can – It might take us a few tries but know this is our objective. We will look into how we can fix the problem with Shea and White Tea – Thanks for your blog.
Patricia, NY I’m sorry Patricia – I did mention that the body cream in the old AS was twice the size but that this AS kit was much less. Im sorry for the confusion I caused.
Sandy, GA Dear Sandy – The new Shea Butter Body Powder will launch next Feb. – Thank you for your patience
Lynda, PA Studying this situation
Appletini We don’t have the full line launching this year – We will have something special in appletini available for you by Nov.
Lorie, WA Hi Lori – Im sorry to see how disappointed you are –As you know we are trying to make our products more organic and natural – We will certainly have everything available for you as time goes on – for example – we will launch the talc and the body spray in all our new florals next March/April – this will provide you with Body Cream, Hand Cream, Shower Gel, Talc, Body Spray – I hope this works for you. Thanks for your patience –
MGCT, MN Hi MGCT! Maybe we can do this for you next Mother’s Day – We will study this option for you!
sally, OH Yes Sally – We will have Blood Orange this month – JULY J
Sara, TX Of course – Will try to put a kit together real soon for you. We also have some great new diffusers this year – We will launch 4 flavors in July and another 4 to 5 in Oct.
Ann, FL I’m sorry Ann – what do you find different about the two lines? We can try to correct the issue and make everyone happy J
joanne, PA Sorry Joanne – we have discontinued the Shea Butter Sun Line – We will work on launching a new Sun Line under our new Shea Butter Organic line –
Hi, everyone! Now “the Mom” will speak!! Hope your summer has been WONDERFUL so far and continues to be! We thank each and every one of you for contributing to this Blog – hope we have managed to answer all of your questions! If not – keep writing us! – we WILL get to you, eventually, one way or another. Also, if you watch our shows, many times, we answer questions or concerns right there. We love your participation and feedback, as this is how we know what you love…or not!!! See you soon – in the meantime – protect your skin with SPF and good moisturizers
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Thanks for your suggestion…unfortunately the formulas do not blend together well….it’s a complicated scenario. What I do? I use BOTH! Seriously…..just like I use the Red Gold and Platinum, one on top of another. I figure if we can not do it in the Lab, I’ll do it myself, right on my face! Works wonders!
As to being a blond…I like it too…..but fun to change! Plus, I find earrings “stand” out more against dark hair! But, I probably will go back to blond ONE of these days!
THANK YOU, Patt! I know EXACTLY what you mean – that’s why I keep telling everyone how great the Black Rice line is!! Glad you love it and look so much younger!
Lisa, IN
We love pumps too…but we don’t have a pump at this time for The Rasp. Voglia Matta……another item we will put on our “wish list.” Also we MUST add more fruit lines into our “wish list” box. WE found we had too many fruits…but after a while we’ll add more Thanks for joining our Blog!
Denise, IN
Yes…..more Double Latte with SPF on the way!!!! Really NEED it for summer. Thanks!
Alice, TX
No, there’s no difference in the new version of White Almond. Thanks for asking!
NoNickname, FL
Sorry…no Avocado and Lemongrass until next summer! We try to bring each fragrance in, at least twice a year, but we keep adding new ones, so sometimes it doesn’t work out. Hope you’ll try some of the new ones, too, and tell us what you think!
Mandarin Ginger
You’re welcome. And Thank YOU…..but we have sad news…we ARE discontinuing our Mandarin Ginger. I am so SAD, too…. we just do not have as many “Ginger -lovers” as we need for us to continue with the line. We’re having some wonderful NEW fragrances, thought – so hopefully BOTH of us, and others, will find a replacement we love as much!
Patrice, MD
We HAD it in June…hope you caught those shows, Patrice. It’s always popular! Thanks for asking.
Bren, VA
No, no more Frangipani spray this year. Next year is still “open”, though. We’ll know more in the Spring. Thanks for joining us on our Blog.
Diana, MA
Thanks for loving our Black Rice, Diana! Yes, the Borghese line of products was started by my mother-in-law (Skip’s grandmother) Princess Marcella Borghese, in 1957….but it is not owned by the family any more.
We will…not to worry, Joanne. Thanks!
Les, WY
Not a silly question….you’d be surprised how many people ask about our Moisturizing Cream Baths…or worse – use them like a body lotion!!! Not that it is harmful, in any way – just a bit sticky. Moisturizing Cream Bath is JUST like a Shower Gel…although “creamy”…but it is a CLEANSER, not a lotion. Of course, they DO have a creamy, moisturizing effect on the skin. Good question, Les.
Miss Carrie, FL
Don’t panic…plans are to have some Blue Iris in December. Thank you, Miss Carrie.
Bettie, NC
Thank you for being with us for 8-10 years!!! Wow. We are honored. So it with great regret I have to say that White Tea with Magnolia is not coming back….so sorry. Again…we just didn’t have that many requests for it, although it is another favorite of mine, as well. Thank you for writing us.
Kim, we are working on a new, special Royal Gelee and Honey line…which is what you are asking about. Am not sure when it’ll be ready though…but will try to let you know. Thank you for asking.
C.J., Pa
Great idea….another “wish box” ballot! THANKS!
Sorry…Magnolia & White Tea not coming back. Wish I could have had better news for you…..but we have some wonderful newcomers! Hope you’ll find a replacement. Thanks for joining our Blog.
Elaine, NY
Good news….we have some Fragrance Gift Sets coming back in Nov. and Dec. Glad you asked….and glad we can get you more! Thanks for your question.
Cheryl, CT
No more Cedarwood and Sage THIS year…but, yes, we have plans for it NEXT year. Thank you for writing us.
Lynn, PA
Glad you like the Black Rice products!! I use the Serum at night and in the morning. The Double Effect Cream I use at night, only. I put the eye cream on, and the SPF15 day cream on ALL over my face, including the eye are. Hope that’s a help! Thanks for writing us.
Double Latte with Peppermint will be back in August. I’m with YOU – just LOVE it! Look forward to having you join us!
Debbie, MI
We are working on the whole Shea line…NOT being discontinued, though….but we are trying to make SURE there is no fragrance change. Please be patient a little longer…we want SHEA as perfect as you do! Thank you for writing us.
Janice, PA
So sorry the new Lilac isn’t for you. Yes, some of our fragrances have changed ever so slightly….the reason being is that we have found some new ingredients that we add to our creams to make them even MORE hydrating to the skin. This MAY alter the fragrance just a bit. We will definitely look into changing Lilac back more like the original. Thank you for letting us know how you feel. We appreciate knowing the great, good, bad, or indifferent. That’s how we find we can improve!
Renee, KS
Renee…we love them , too…and are working having them again! Thank you for wanting us to stay forever on HSN….we HOPE so too!!
Katyd, NJ
HI…good question. Actually, you can use it alone, if you like……but always use it before any cream you put on, day or night. Think of it like a “primer”. The action of the Serum is to enhance any cream you use by adding to the effectiveness of the other ingredients. It’s fabulous. Hope you’ll notice how good your skin will look! Let us know,. Thanks!
Elaine, FL
Yes, we will be getting more in! lad you love it…and thank you for your compliments!
Diana, AZ
Thank you for your comments. The Black Rice Serum should last about a month. It does depend on how much you use at a time though. We say to use it “sparingly”. Platinum will be coming, as often as we can do it, in kits. Wild Fig WILL be coming in more variations…but not available yet. And no, it is not like Musk, in fragrance, but it IS a “soft” scent, like Musk. Again…thanks for writing in our Blog.
Suzanne, CA……..Sabine, CA
WE should always have the round soap dispensers….although we have the rectangular ones as well. Seems the vote is out – and it’s about even! So, for the moment it will be eeny-meeny-miny,moh! Thank you for joining us here.
Lynn, CT
Thank you for joining our Blog. So happy you love the Sweet Almond Milk SB products! We’ll be getting more in.
Dee, PA
For the most part our fragrances have not changed! There does seem to be some “lightening” of scent in some Shea and Double Latte products, but we are “on it, seeing how we can change them back so they will be exactly as before. We added more Shea in both, as you know, which can alter, just slightly, the fragrance….these products are DEFINITELY more hydrating for your skin…..but we know what you mean, as EVERYONE wants the fragrance to stay EXACTLY the same, even if the creams ARE better! Thanks for the feedback!!
Almond, WHITE
We do NOT plan to change ONE iota of White Almond – promise!!! Rest easy. Thank you.
Vineyard Nectar is coming, never fear! We’re working on it!!!! Soon. Soon. Thanks for asking! Good idea for a hair product with Shea and Almond….into our “wish list” box it goes! Thanks you.
We are returning on July 20, at Midnight, and July 21. Hope to see you!!
Susan, PA
Sorry,Susan! We miscalculated how successful Blood Orange would be. You are the only one who was annoyed at us. But, all is not lost – we have Blood Orange on THIS month – hurray!! Hope we’ll make it up to you. Thanks for writing us.
Elizabeth, MA
Coming back! Tuberose is coming back in Oct. and maybe even in NOv. Thanks for asking us.
Nancy, CA
Thanks, Nancy. Yes we have heard this before…actually, I think they seem “lighter”. We have added more hydrating ingredients, and those “good-for-you” extras seem to affect the fragrance a bit. We are looking into seeing as to how we can capture the original essence to get it back at 100%. We, too, think the mini soaps would be brilliant – but we will not be making them until next year. Thanks for the suggestions!
Catherine, NJ
WE did have some Lemon Sorbet last month, Catherine. Hope you saw?? We try to bring back as much Voglia Matta as we can each year…so you will be seeing whatever we can get our hands on – you know it is ONLY sold in Italy…and then we get to bring a few into the USA. Thanks for your Blog….always like hearing from you!!
Cherly, LA…….and……Marilyn, MO
One of my favorite scents of all times is Tuberose, as well. Ours plans are showing Tuberose returning for our October Shows and maybe even for December. Thanks for asking.
Eileen, CA
Olivarium Hair Mask?…COMING BACK SOON! Not sure whaich month, but it IS on its way!!! Thankyou.
No longer wonde, FL
Great!!! So glad we made you that happy with Shea!! Thank you for writing and telling us!
helen, SC
Gee, Helen…sorry Kiwi and Lime disappointed you. Hope you have another “back-up”…or that you’ll find one! Thank you for writing us.
Susan, OK
We are working on this. Thank you for letting us know how you feel, Susan.
Kim, NC
Thank you, Kim. Yes, Cedarwood got many “pro” votes…we will be doing it next year – just didn’t have time to get it out for 2009. Glad you love it – we think it is pretty awesome, as well.
Thank you, JC…we are doing our best! Good to hear from you and hear your suggestions.
Mary Grace, CA
Mary Grace….Bravo, Brava – is RIGHT! And so is “beautiful and sexy new packaging”. Sounds great to ME… I AGREE with you 100%. So happy you love all our products…. Thank you!
Nancy, UT
Nancy…you are so sweet! Thank you for All the compliments. So happy YOU’re happy, and your friends as well. Look forward to seeing you on the 20th or 21st.
Body Cream, pie, FL…..and……Orange
Rest assured, you’ll get your wish with Blood Orange THIS month!!! Hope you love this wonderful cream and fragrance. Let US know!! Thank you.
Ginger, FL
Thank YOU…you all make it possible to get all this super feed-back. Sorry…no more tanners this year. All sold out!!
Teri, NY
Oh dear…batting zero…not until next year on BOTH. So sorry…but please check out our NEW, though…we just had so many things we wanted to introduce…but, for sure, Ylang Ylang and Lemon Sorbet will be back!! Thank you for wriing us!
Mary, FL
Yes!! Next year BOTH will be available, and in larger sizes. …However, we are going to have something special in Nov. with Appletini!!! So keep your eyes open then! Thanks for joining our Blog!
Cheryl, CT
For the moment. Avocado and Lemongrass will continue as Elariia….planning to make it a Perlier, eventually. Yes, we too, love the wonderful herbal scent One of all of the family’s favorites. Thanks for your input!
Kelly, GA
Hi…yes, Kelly…we WILL have a great peach scent next year. Couldn’t fit it in THIS year. Hope Georgia finds it worthy – even if it’ll be an Italian peach!! Thanks.
Karen, NH
Thanks for your feedback, Karen. Sorry you weren’t happy with the results. We will check out the Lime & Kiwi to make sure it isn’t too tart or STICKY. Ouch. That should not be! Could be you got a “bad”bottle….we will definitely look into it. Hope you returned it, and thank you for letting us know.
Nancy, MD
Working on it for next week, Nancy. Have had a lot of requests – we think it’s a good idea, too! Thanks.
Ellen, NC
No, we haven’t, as we feel that HSN.com covers just about everything. But in the future? Who knows? We’ll certainly keep it in mind. Thanks for writing us!
Your are welcome! Hopefully you will be pleased, and we will adjust the scents!! Thank you.
cynthia, AZ
Thanks for the suggestion. Will add that to our “to do” list!
Mourning Shea, LA
Me thinks M’lady will be pleased in the future with improved and longer lasting scents. Merlin is working his miracles, and shortly all of Camelot will rejoice. A thousand thanks, M’lady.
No new kits this year. We will keep Elariia and Avocado together for the moment. Thanks for your input.
Joanne, OH
Joanne….if your face products have expired, throw them away. They should not “harm” your skin, but the “effectiveness” of the ingredients has diminished. Our face creams, normally last 2 years, after opening…sometimes more. Check on the jars. They all have dates, so check carefully. Don’t worry about which ORDER to use them in – all our creams are good for your skin – so “order” isn’t important, except with the SERUMS, which are always better if you apply FIRST, as they help to enhance the ingredient “action” of whatever other cream you use. Every cream you receive will have directions as to when BEST to use…like day cream with SPF, for instance. Day creams are “lighter” to the touch and on the skin, than night creams. That is a major difference – but some people LIKE a heavier cream in the day, as well, because their skin is so DRY. Your choice! Experiment to see which is best for YOU! Good luck, and thanks for using our products!
Nancy, UT
Thank you, Nancy for writing us! Let us know how you feel about the new Shea with Coconut. Glad you are enjoying our other products!
Katherine, CO
Thank you Katherine for your feedback. We are working on it – and hope you’ll end up liking it, no matter!!! Let us know.
Valerie, WI
No tanner for THIS year. But definitely working on it for next! Thanks for writing us.
Working on ALL of it – glad you asked! Lots will be occurring next year so hope you’ll stay tuned! And thanks for joining our Blogs.
Lisa, NY
See above, Lisa. We have heard people’s concerns, and have taken them to heart. These things always take a little time, because we are talking about the delicate balance between scent versus ingredients – it involves quite extensive testing….but we are TESTING – so that’s the good news! Thank you for writing us.
All our Best – SKIP & AMANDA

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