Warm Up Your Home

Spring’s FINALLY here! That means one thing…spring cleaning. Finished or not, don’t let those cleaning chores overshadow the best part of spring — the SUN has returned. Gone are the days when it’s already dark as you walk to your car after work! Doesn’t it feel like the sun stays out for ten extra hours each day at this time of year? With all that bright sunshine streaming in through the windows, stop and take a moment to look around your rooms. Do you like what you see? I say, put those those winter wools and heavy blankets in the linen closet and replace them with crisp white sheets and a lightweight duvet in your favorite color. In the living room (or any room for that matter), put down a new natural fiber rug. It changes the whole feeling of your space. Add a pop of color, layer in bright whites, place a woven basket on the coffee table as a catch all for your TV remote, add a new frame to your bedside table…all are ideas that make your home feel a little brighter for the next few months. I swapped out the pillows on my couch with my braided rope pillow. That one change gave the room a whole new feeling. I love how crisp the white looks next to the natural linen color of my sofa. In the bedroom, I put my white sheets on the bed as a perfect compliment to my Paris collection duvet in Peacock. Each time I look at the duvet, it reminds me of my vacation last year. The ocean was that same perfect shade of blue. Already I can feel the difference! I haven’t made my plans yet for the upcoming months, but I can’t wait for another chance to make some great memories and hit the outdoor flea and farmer’s markets…and NOT BE COLD!!!!!!
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