Vintage Hairstyles Using Hot Rollers

How to: FHI Hot Rollers


Would you like to be able to put together a swish vintage hair-do from the comfort of your own home? I know I would! We all have that hair care guru friend who can do amazing things with her hair, from chic up dos to the perfect look for any costume party. Unfortunately, I am definitely not that friend. But, after watching this new video from HSN I think I could be. It got me thinking, what are the easiest and most flattering hairstyles we can recreate for a great vintage look? After a little searching I think I have it covered. Get a great throwback ‘do with the following simple steps:


1. Pick your look

Taking inspiration from the vintage pin ups, I would use rollers and opt for loose vintage curls with a deep side parting. This look is easier as it’s loose but also slightly structured, as the waves have to go in the same direction.


2. The details: Prep the side sweep and curl

This style works great on any length hair as the focus is on the side sweep and curl. Before you begin part your hair on the desired side, in this style the deeper the better – if you have bangs try to incorporate this into the side sweep.


3. Section, and add

As Nur mentioned, when using the FHI Hot Rollers start by sectioning your hair to make the process easier, then starting from the middle begin adding the rollers. For this style you want a lot of volume, so for more volume use more hair with each roller (for a curlier look use less hair.) When you have sectioned all your hair and added your heated rollers wait for them to cool down by watching for the color to change.


4. Cool, and carefully remove

Once the rollers have cooled down remove them carefully as not to deconstruct the curl/wave. Unlike most times we have all curled our hair once you have curled all your hair you want to tease it with your fingers but in this case we want the look to be quite structured.


5. Add some product to finish it off

Use your favorite finishing product, like a smoothing serum along with a fine tooth comb to touch up any stray hairs and to give the look some added shine. Finish with a good blast of hair spray to hold the curls in place then you’re done! A glamorous vintage inspired hair do. What’s great with this look is that you can play around with the style by adding a vintage jeweled hair clip or pin the front section up.


What styles would you create with these FHI Hot Rollers?

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