Understanding Overwintering

Fall has arrived! Sure, the days are shorter and the air is cooler, but that doesn’t mean your gardening has to stop!  Now is a great time to plant spring-blooming bulbs and vegetables that can be overwintered.
Overwintering is just the practice of taking care of your plants over the winter. In some cases, this means bringing your houseplants inside, but there are certain flowers and vegetables that can be planted now and will survive the winter outside. Ideally, you want to do your fall planting about 6 weeks before the first frost in your area. This gives the plant a chance to have some root growth, but not enough time to achieve much top growth. And since there are a variety of tools that can be used plant in cooler climates, check out HGTV HOME’s 20 in 1 Gardening Tool System. It’s amazing – like a Swiss Army knife for gardeners!
If you’re a flowery sort of person, HGTV Gardens has you covered. Here’s a comprehensive look at what bulbs can be planted now in order to give you some gorgeous colors in early Spring. Tulips, freesia and hyacinth are among the many beauties that can be planted right away. Another plant that can be planted in the fall is the amazing azalea. Take a look at HGTV HOME’s Plant Collection for a stunning selection. Plant now – enjoy the sights and smells of some gorgeous flowers when spring arrives.
Maybe you’re more into vegging out – no worries, you can get planting too. Now is the perfect time to plant garlic, broccoli, kale and most root vegetables. Spinach has been known to survive in very cold climates and even under snow. Mulching your fall garden is essential. It keeps moisture even while providing extra warmth for your plants – something that keeps their roots very happy.
And once your work is done, think about investing in a planting shed or cabinet, like this handsome one from HGTV HOME. Keep your equipment, extra pots, mulch and your hoses safe from the winter elements until spring!
Happy Autumn, Gardeners!

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