Undercover Agent Freeman Saves The Day for HSN

We created a spin-off of Spy Movie called “Spy Host!” The action packed trailer premiered during the Monday Night Show! Let me know what you think! 😉 And a big thanks to my co-star, Shannon Fox on HSN!

Posted by Adam Freeman on HSN on Tuesday, June 2, 2015


A host we all know and love turns out to be anything but what he seems when evil forces plot to overthrow HSN. Adam Freeman moonlights as Agent Freeman in this special production of “Spy Host.” Trained in the martial arts and how to find the best deals for his friends, Agent Freeman takes down his enemies to save the retail world from certain destruction.


This past week The Monday Night Show talked to Miranda Hart on the hotly anticipated release of “Spy Movie.” Hart plays Agent Nancy alongside one of our favorite actresses and comedians, Melissa McCarthy. Catch the wide release of “Spy Movie” in theatres tomorrow, June 5th.


Tune into The Monday Night Show every week at 7pm to see the best new gadgets and gizmos like this Q-See Mini Ball-Point-Pen Video Cameras that can sharpen your espionage abilities too.


Who’s one of your favorite “spy” characters of all time?

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