Twiggy on Her Obsession with Boots, Dressing for Fall, and Adding Color to Your Wardrobe

Editor’s Note: Twiggy will be back on HSNtv Sunday, October 24th to chat more about fall fashion. Don’t miss her!
During her visit in September, we sat down with Twiggy to chat a bit about her personal style, and got some great tips for fall. See what she had to say…

On her obsession with boots
I’m obsessed with boots. I could live without most things, but not without boots. I won’t tell you how many boots I’ve got! There’s something that’s incredibly wonderful about them. They’re at the height of fashion. Ankle, high, any boots. The ones we’ve got in the Twiggy London collection are just amazing. I based them on a kind of pirate come cowboy slouchy look, you know, the swashbuckler look. They’re lovely, really comfortable.
I wear boots all the year round. Love to wear them with gypsy skirts. Boots go with everything. You have to get your head around how boots work to fully appreciate them. Once you do, you’ll love them just as much as I do. Not just winter warming things. I love putting opaque thick tights with a pair of boots. Brilliant!

On cool-weather dressing
I much prefer fall and winter clothes. There’s something about getting dressed for the cooler weather and layering. I love layering, of course. There’s just something nice about getting all snuggly and warm. I love knits, jerseys, I love leather. I find autumn and winter clothes more exciting than spring and summer. Layering, belts … you can do so much more with the fall and winter looks.
On adding color to your style repertoire

I do love the kind of muted shades – the grays and muted tones. In early spring, then it’s the soft grays. But, on the other hand, I love adding a shocking pink, bright blue, what I call jewel colors. In London, on a gray day, when it’s raining, a nice bright color just kind of cheers you up. Of course you always have to have black. But if I buy something and it comes in black and other colors, I’ll always buy black and at least one color.

On style as you age

I always say that fashion should be fun. Don’t be frightened! When it comes to shopping, go with somebody you trust, somebody who will be honest with you. A sister, daughter, mother. Or, experience HSN shopping. You know, the privacy of your home, and get your loved one to tell you the truth. Some people get stuck in an old look. Layering is brilliant, especially as you get older. You don’t have the perfect body, not everyone does.
On her obsession with belts

I think they can pull an outfit together. If you’ve got a tummy issue, which a lot of women do, you can wear a big belt. They can hide a few ills. I love belts ALMOST as much as a love boots. I quite like that swashbuckling, pirate look.
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