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In 1966, Twiggy burst onto the fashion scene as the world’s first supermodel. With her waif-like figure, boyish hairstyle and striking lashes, she created an image that defined an era, earning her idol status among millions of teenage girls of the ’60s revolution. By the 1970s she combined her modeling career with acting, singing and dancing. She won 2 Golden Globes for her first film The Boyfriend and a Tony nomination for her performance in the hit Broadway musical My One And Only in 1983. Over the last 30 years she has appeared in numerous films and TV shows in the UK and America, most recently as a judge on America’s Next Top Model. Today, she remains deeply connected to her fashion roots and London home, and this month launches Twiggy LONDON, an HSN-exclusive fashion line. We caught up with her in the days leading up to her HSN launch. Enjoy!
Clearly, you have a great affinity for London – can you explain why?
It’s in my body and in my bones. I’m a London girl through and through … always have been and always will be. When I was discovered in 1966, London was sort of the Mecca of fashion. Not only fashion, but of music and art. It’s my home. I love traveling. I love coming to New York, I love coming to America. But they always say, “Home is where the heart is.”
So, then, how does London influence your sense of fashion and design?
London is a great city – it’s very diverse, it’s got wonderful theatres, galleries and shops. I also think we have some of the most talented fashion designers, but it’s not just about fashion. The whole ’60s revolution thing really came out of London. You had The Beatles and so much else going on. The whole idea of calling my line Twiggy LONDON was to reflect my love for it. And I think it’s a great label. And I’m very involved. I’ve always been obsessed with clothes, obsessed with fashion. I love to design and sew myself.
How should women approach fashion as they age?
I don’t see the point of being afraid or panicking about getting older. Number one, because it’s inevitable. We’re all born and we all grow up. It’s just a thing that happens. I think one should try to enjoy it and love it, and embrace every age. Fashion should be for everyone – and I think it is now. A new survey in the UK said that some of the most stylish women at the moment are the over-50s. And, in London, I’m kind of to blame! Here they’ve called it, “the Twiggy Effect.” I’ve tried to spread the word. Buying and wearing clothes to support how you feel… I’m here to encourage it.
Are you excited to unveil the “Twiggy Effect” on a U.S. audience?

America is a fantastic country with great opportunities. I’ve always felt a great affection from Americans. They have always been very generous, and incredibly gracious to me. From starring on Broadway to working in L.A., then as a judge on America’s Next Top Model. It’s been great.

How would you describe your style?

I wouldn’t. It changes all the while. I guess that’s why I’m still around forty years after I was discovered by Vogue magazine in the U.S. As far as clothes are concerned I like casual, comfortable, stylish clothes with good cuts and in great fabrics. I love boots and great accessories. Of course I enjoy dressing up for special occasions. I think my Twiggy LONDON range for HSN reflects the way I dress perfectly. Fashion should be fun.

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