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In 1966, Twiggy burst onto the fashion scene as the world’s first supermodel. With her waif-like figure, boyish hairstyle and striking lashes, she created an image that defined an era, earning her idol status among millions of teenage girls of the ’60s revolution. By the 1970s she combined her modeling career with acting, singing and dancing. She won 2 Golden Globes for her first film The Boyfriend and a Tony nomination for her performance in the hit Broadway musical My One And Only in 1983. Over the last 30 years she has appeared in numerous films and TV shows in the UK and America, most recently as a judge on America’s Next Top Model. Today, she remains deeply connected to her fashion roots and London home. We sat down to learn about her HSN premiere and the twiggy LONDON June collection.
So, we’ve got to know: How was your first HSN TV experience?
It was extraordinary, actually. I was very, very excited. Quite a bit nervous, because I’ve never done it before, you know. I was on with Colleen (Lopez) and Bobbi Ray (Carter), and they were absolutely amazing and guided me through. It was lovely having those two hosts, who are so experienced, who really know how it works.
After about 15 minutes, I was having such good fun. I said it was like getting on the freight train, like a roller coaster, really. One you’re on, you don’t want to get off. It was really exciting.
Were you able to speak to any customers live on the air?
Yes, absolutely. It was smashing talking to people who were calling in – really very exciting. They were all lovely. One lady called from Texas, and I could tell she had a very English accent, and not a Texas accent. As it turned out, we’d played netball (a popular women’s sport similar to basketball) when we were 14. Imagine that!
So, you were really nervous?
I think one always has a little bit of nerves. I think the adrenaline is good, energy is important. Next time, I won’t feel as apprehensive about what’s going to happen. Now, I’ve experienced those three (airings) and have seen how it all happens.
But I have to say, HSN made me feel very secure. I loved my set, and the models were fabulous. Coming back and knowing that’s all coming into place makes you feel very secure. I can’t wait till the next visit – you’ll have to lock me out!
So, what can you tell us about June’s collection?
I’m very excited. We’re bringing in some lovely new things: great new sunglasses, a sun watch in bright colors, fun sandals, beautiful silk shirts, lots of sequiny things. It’s nice to sparkle. We like a bit of twinkle!
And still comfortable, right?
I think comfort is paramount. We all like to be fashionable, but we don’t like to be uncomfortable. I think you learn that as you age. When you’re younger, you kind of suffer for fashion. But fashion can be, and should be, comfortable.
The twiggy LONDON Patent Union Tote, your debut Today’s Special, was a huge hit. Were you surprised?
It was such a nice thing to kick us off. I wanted to do the Union Jack because it said London. I’m so glad people responded to it. Wonderful.
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Watch Twiggy on HSN TV June 16, including a Today’s Special!

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