Tune In Oscar Sunday for a Two-Hour Red Carpet Jewelry Special with Carol Brodie, "The Queen of Diamonds"

When-to-Watch: Please join me on February 27th, from 5-7 P.M. on HSN and be the first to see the jewelry inspired by my lifetime of dressing stars on the red carpet.
Oscar nominations were announced, and there were no big surprises in the Best Actress in a Leading Role category, where the performances of Annette Bening, Michelle Williams, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman and newcomer Jennifer Lawrence were recognized. But so many of us will eagerly tune in to the broadcast to see what these women will be wearing to Hollywood’s best fashion and fine jewelry show. I, for one, love to watch. Especially since I spent most of my career working with Hollywood’s A-List to find the most perfect jewels to add the sparkle and glow to their awards show ensembles.
Coined by the press, “The Queen of Diamonds”, I would arrive at their hotels and homes with body guards in tow and millions of dollars of jewelry for them to choose from. The jewelry was loaned to them for the evening and returned the next day. I have so many memorable moments, like when one of the biggest male stars on the planet returned the jewels I loaned to his wife in a diaper bag, or when a beautiful blonde starlet won an academy award, and immediately after her acceptance speech, her dad phoned me to negotiate the sale of the necklace that she borrowed. The necklace, the story and her winning performance are now a part of Hollywood history.
This year, on February 27th, I will not be in Hollywood or with any movie stars. I will actually be with you in your home sharing with you some of the most glamorous jewels inspired by Hollywood’s great jewelry runway, The Red Carpet. So tune in!
Get ready to pop a bottle of bubbly and start celebrating with me. I will teach you all about movie star style, and share with you my newest designs and the secrets I learned from the stars. Get ready for brand new bold cocktail rings, heavenly moonstones, diamonds and pearls, and earrings ablaze with star style! If you love black, wait until you see my black spinel goddess earrings! For Hollywood’s A-list men, the red carpet is always aglow with cool skinny bracelets that sparkle ever so slightly. I am gasping with excitement and passion over my new unisex karma collection of skinny bracelets accented with black and white diamonds.
» Click here to read the article where I get nicknamed “Queen of Diamonds”, and find out which Oscar-winning actress’s dad bought her the necklace that I outfitted her with!
See you on Oscar Sunday!
Sending you lots and lots of love and sparkle,
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