Tucson Gem Fair

The epicenter of jewelry and gemstones is right here right now. The sheer variety of gems has been mind-blowing. The miners were gathered at Electric Park with tents and oil barrels filled with rough stones. On the other end of the spectrum, the designs in the couture section of the convention center were astonishing.

You may notice on the edge of the barrel there is a squirt bottle. It is to show a potential buyer what the stone will eventually look like once it has been polished. A very effective and quick before and after! I spritzed the red stones on the right so you can see a difference. Cool, right? To see these fossils in person and not in some museum was such a privilege. Can you believe the size of this Smokey Quartz?
There were loads of designers and people who wanted to know how they could come onto HSN to share their wares with you. I know our Buyers are going to work their magic to bring you the most intriguing varieties of stones and styles.
I ran into Colleen Lopez and her son at the hotel and exchanged stories about all the treasures we had seen!
Me and Colleen Lopez
We have some Tucson inspired shows coming up and a big Jay King visit for Valentine’s Day!! Can’t wait to shop with you!
Wish you were here!

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