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September Trunk Show
September has arrived and it’s my Birthday month….it seems like I just had a birthday!  We are all really excited to offer to you High End Gallery designs that are exclusively available on the HSN website.  I know there are a lot of you that have requested “Made in the USA” pieces and I want to say this is your opportunity.  All 12 of these new designs were hand crafted right in little old Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Brian and I worked very hard and pulled all of the stops out on these designs.  I am going to share each one with you here…..
The Lapis collar and earring set is amazing.  When Brian and I sat down to design these 12 original pieces – I really don’t know how he does it – but he read my mind and helped to make my wildest dream come true.  The Lapis set is truly a “show stopper”.  The quality of the lapis is extraordinary and the corn row inlay makes it look like something that just stepped out of a museum.
The Blue Turquoise collar is out of this world. Brian and I set out to make something that was completely different than any inlay we had ever done before and I think we “mastered” this one.  The silver inlay that accents each piece of blue turquoise makes this piece “shine”.
The Mediterranean red coral pendant on the 30 strands of glimmering liquid silver is a beautiful piece.  I love the natural color of the Mediterranean coral.  It is the rarest of rare and we were really lucky to get such a beautiful coral – and the fact that we are able to offer it to you is unbelievable.  I love what Brian created with this amazing coral.  This design is intended to meet the “not as big” requests we sometimes receive.  Even though this design is not as large as what we are known for, it is big on style and value.
The Beautiful cornrow Nako Turquoise cuff will not disappoint.  The design is a “flashback” to a smaller version in multiple colors of turquoise that we created years ago.  The cuff is large and really is a “statement” piece.  This cuff was presented to “celebrities” at the Andre Agassi, “Grand Slam Children’s” fundraiser in 2008.  It was loved by each of the recipients and works well for both men and women.
The “Natural” Sleeping Beauty hand shaped disk necklace with the inlayed sterling silver caps and hook is definitely a “work of art”. Remember, that natural means, it has received no treatment of any kind, such as stabilization.  Only 1-2% of all Turquoise mined falls into this category.  The ring and earrings carry out the organic feel of this ensemble.  This particular shade of blue of turquoise is something that we don’t get to see everyday.
The Gem Grade Brazilian Rhodonite pendant and garnet necklace is a statement of our signature “Big & Bold” look.  The pendant has three large hand shaped pieces of beautiful Brazilian Rhodonite. This stone is very hard to get and when we do get it – it is very expensive.  The Dark black cherry color accented with black matrix is a site to behold.
I have saved the absolute best for last. The Gaspiate Heart on 100 strands of liquid silver necklace and earring ensemble is mind blowing.  I cannot begin to tell you how rare Gaspiate is getting. Gaspiate has only been found in 2 deposits in the world.  One was located in Canada and the other in Australia.  This Gaspiate is from Australia and each and every year it becomes more and more scarce.  When HSN asked us to create these hand made one of a kind Gallery pieces using rare stones, gaspiate was the first stone that I wanted to work with.  When Brian and I sat down and started to work on this ensemble, we knew we wanted to create something that was truly a one of a kind piece that would be loved by the lucky people that had the opportunity to purchase it.  I know how everyone loves our heart designs – I promise you this one will not disappoint!  Also, as a way to make this online only design extra special, Brian hand made each and everyone of these pendants and earrings, I think this makes this an extraordinary way to launch the .com gallery designs.  Brian even hand cut the stones. So, when I say, “no two are alike – I’m not kidding”!
I will be seeing you all the first week of October for my 14th anniversary show, I have 9 new “Mine Finds” that I can’t wait to share with you!  We will FINALLY be bringing you the much anticipated turquoise bowls.

Buffing of a Turquoise bowl –
they’re coming soon
Where in the world is Jay King?
Happy traveling and adventure hunting, J
*Online only pieces will be available September 27 while items last.

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