Trish’s Tips for A Glamorous Holiday

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I love the magic of holiday season. It’s the time to light up and sparkle! Let me inspire you with new ideas, shortcut tips and ways to dress up your look. Indulge your glamorous cravings with more captivating eyes, dramatic lashes and a dazzling new look. What better time to shine?


Captivating Eyes


1. Easy Smokey Eye

This is the season for drama and getting the smokey eye look is easier than you think. The key is using a cream, long-wear, pigment-rich shadow. Simply sweep it along the lash line and work it up to the crease with a small eye brush for the signature smokey effect. A richly pigmented cream or cream-to-powder texture will give you the dramatic intensity without shadow shed while a 24-hour formula guarantees crease-proof, all-day wear. As the color of the season, silver-grey is a perfect choice. For a warm glamorous alternative, choose the bronzed or burgundy.


2. Lashes

The recipe for fabulous lashes is one half dramatic mascara and the other half proper eye lining. For the most powerful lining, the secret actually lies between the lashes. Using a gel pencil liner, look into the mirror with your chin up and dot the liner at the base of each lash—not on the waterline—to create the look of natural fullness by going where mascara cannot.


Dazzling Skin

Radiant, even skin will brighten your holiday. With a smooth, clear and hydrated complexion, your holiday eye and face color will light up a room. For the best and brightest winter skin, bump up your hydration levels in both your skincare and foundation.


1. Skincare

Exfoliate regularly to dissolve the dead layers that dull skin’s appearance and inhibit moisture absorption. Then layer a hyaluronic acid-rich serum under your AM and PM face and creams.


2. Foundation

Transition to a fuller coverage, moisture-rich foundation with a radiant finish. To ensure you get the best coverage, apply it with a stippling brush that delivers an even, airbrushed finish. Test coverage on the back of your hand and then bounce the brush off of skin as you distribute foundation—always starting where tone is uneven (usually the center of the face) and working outward.


Full, Defined Lips with Matching Cheek and Lip Color


1. Lip Liner

The secret to creating your fullest-looking lips starts with the liner. Simply connect the peaks of your Cupid’s bow then follow the natural lip line, working down onto the lip in light strokes for the look of naturally full definition. Blend with your finger or lip brush to soften any lines of demarcation.


2. Cheek and Lip Color

Nothing’s easier than a shade and texture that provides the perfect pops of complexion-enhancing color to lips AND cheeks. Stroke it onto to the high apples of cheeks and across lips for instantly coordinated, beauty-boosting power.


The Power of Brow Shaping & Perfecting

You don’t need Brooke or Audrey to tell you what a difference a brow makes! Prove it to yourself by taking a picture before and after your brow application. You’ll see the power of a well-defined pair of brows that instantly frame your eyes, polish your look and lift your features. Express your moods through shaping, darkening, arching or lengthening and always start by measuring where you want your brow to begin, arch and end before applying your brow color:

  • Begin: In line with the side of your nose and the inner corner of your eye
  • Arch: In line with the side of your nose and your pupil
  • End: In line with the side of your nose and the outer corner of your eye


For natural-looking, all-day arch perfection, set brow hairs with a clear colorless wax pencil.


The Scent of Glamour

A woman is never completely dressed until she sets the mood. Whether it’s the first or the last step in your beauty routine, no look is complete without the invisible accessory of scent. This season I couldn’t help but dress up my beloved Sexy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk bottle to add even more glamour to my vanity and experience as I spritzed it. The iconic blend of sweet blackberries, rich vanilla and velvet musk is deepened and dressed-up with rich patchouli, cashmere woods and liquid amber. Housed in the luxuriously gilded bottle, it emanates glamour inside and out.


What makes you feel glamorous this time of year?

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