Trish’s New Makeup Planner

Hi Girlfriends!
I’m so excited to be counting down to my next HSN appearance on Tuesday June 18th and first-ever Today’s Special with my new, totally exclusive to HSN Lace Power of Makeup Planner Collection . I went all out for my first TS giving you 14 full sizes of Trish essentials and universally flattering seasonal colors for eyes, face and lips PLUS three of my most iconic multitasking luxury brushes. For $165 with a value of $600 you get everything you need to look your absolute best in partnership with my signature 8-step Makeup Lesson and patented Makeup Planner system.
I so love HSN and being able to personally show all of YOU the power of using the products and techniques I’ve developed for clients of my New York studios and specialty stores worldwide. These are products and techniques I have used on everyone from the soccer mom to the red carpet because they are the tried-and-true steps that make the biggest difference in every woman’s beauty.
As I designed this collection for you, my end in mind was to give you the look of the season using some of my most signature techniques and product originals—from my Eye Base Essentials upper-eye brightener and shadow primer to teach women the importance of brightening above as well as below the eye, to my Intense Gel Eye Liner which delivers the most natural defintion applied between lashes, to my Instant Eye Lift which you will learn to apply in my Triangle of Light—a revolutionary application technique I developed to totally banish signs of fatigue and brighten the center of your face, to precious brushes each designed in a mistake-proof shape that delivers a professional result.
That’s not all, along with my Thickening Mascara—the most amazing thickening formula, think of it like stilettos for lashes—mistake-proof color palettes for enhancing the eyes and shaping the face, luxurious Translucent Finishing Powder to give your complexion a flawless finish, and essential lip enhancers, you’ll receive your new makeup wardrobe perfectly organized into my Makeup Planner, the revolutionary ringed binder/refillable magnetic page system I designed many years ago to give women a better way to simplify, customize and organize their makeup.
Over the years my Makeup Planners have come in many colors and designs. I am so excited about this first-ever lace-overlay design I was inspired to create just for HSN after all the feedback I received on the delicate lace shirts you may have seen me wearing on air.
Let me tell you a little more about my Makeup Planner. It’s basically the difference between having a million compacts jumbled together in a cosmetic bag, and having a streamlined, permanently refillable book of makeup. The patented pages are magnetized to hold pans of color in place for a totally customizable system that eliminates excess packaging, allowing you to fit way more into far less space. With secure brush sleeves you are able to literally keep all your makeup and tools in one place at your fingertips and visible at-a-glance. It zips up like a tidy binder and is equally serviceable at home and on-the-go. The benefits are truly endless, and—between us—I have never created such a special Planner as this TS for you.
Thanks so much for reading, and get ready to learn with me on 6/18! In the meantime, find me on Facebook to ask any of your burning beauty questions, and let me know right here what YOU think about my TS!
See you on air!

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