Treasures of India

Join me on June 5th at 4 p.m. for the HSN jewelry show I have waited 13 years to host: The Treasures of India!  This is personal for me. I took many trips to India when I was a little girl. I still have family there, all involved with the arts; one member is a famous cake maker and runs a bed and breakfast! The family business continues to thrive with my cousins exporting hand crafted textiles and furniture around the world.

It is hard to separate the different elements of India. Its artistry and spirituality are intertwined indelibly in its people and certainly are part of my soul. I hope you get to go to India one day, but if you don’t, enjoy all the culture that has shown up in America lately. From Bollywood, to the food, the fabrics, home design, and of course, the jewelry, Indian influence can be felt and seen here every day. It makes the world a more beautiful place. On the red carpet and  in the magazines we all take a cue from India on what luxury means. The family-run business that manufactures Treasures of India has some serious representation in the lux jet-setters we all watch.

The family that created Treasures of India is among the most in-demand jewelers in the world today. They travel more than they are home! One family member designs, one sources the stones and oversees the cutting and the setting, and one handles sales. That being said, they all do a little bit of everything and host trunk shows around the world for the their elite clientele that demands the best. The next trunk show is on HSN on June 5th!

Indian women are famous for wearing bangles up to their elbows. They literally wear their wealth on their sleeves. It isn’t just the precious metals that are considered so important, it is the gemstones. The gem cutting capital of the world is arguably Jaipur, India. Treasures of India are made in the heartland of Jaipur and the designs are as captivating as the gemstones. Expect the unexpected with cabochons as a favored cut , backed with sterling silver and precious metals – just the way the moguls and royals like them. This foil back technique gives more visual glow to the stones. The designs are inspired by nature: the sun, moon, stars, leaves and flowers play a part in the story you tell every time you wear a ring, necklace or bracelet from this fine jewelry collection. It is going to make you feel like an Indian princess!

Jewelry has been made continuously in India for over 5,000 years. The glittering, intricately-worked metals and gems are a signature of India past and present. Luckily, Treasures of India merges the best of the ancient traditions of Indian jewelry and modern jewelry making.  I am honored to host this beautiful collection. I know you will feel the same excitement once you see it and wear it!

Rock on!


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