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I can’t tell you how excited I am to be debuting my first ever line of luggage with HSN. It’s been a two-year design process that really began over a decade ago when I boarded my first flight that began my job as a world traveler. A job that would take me to 54 countries, traveling many miles (I stopped counting after a million) on the road for 230 days out of the year, and checking in and out of hundreds upon hundreds of hotels.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s luggage.

Luggage can make or break your journey. I’ve bought pretty luggage that began to fall apart after one trip, and I’ve had the super expensive bags that cost more than a trip to the Caribbean. It worked well, but its ubiquitous black color made me look like every other businessman on a commuter flight bound for a meeting.

If there’s another thing I know… it’s that I am not a man. I like having nice things that look great and make me feel put together. I wanted luggage that could be both strong and beautiful with a design that inspired you to get out there and experience life. I didn’t see it in the stores, so I designed it myself.

The look has a handmade-from-Europe feel. With rich jewel tone colors and a croc design that catches your eye. Even the all black piece is a stunner. The accents are inspired from vintage luggage from the 1920’s, those large suitcases with capped corners nailed in place, and leather straps to secure all of your things. Of course, that’s totally impractical for how we travel today, but the style is from a time when travel was considered glamorous; people dressed up, wore gloves and their luggage said something about them in the same way their coat, hat and white gloves did.

I completely understand when it comes to airports how the art of travel has disappeared. We are now treated to long lines, pat downs and shouted at to take off our shoes. The glamour is gone. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t look the best you can. How you look, as we all know, absolutely affects the way we feel. And carrying beautiful luggage is going to make you feel more in control, and more excited for your trip. And if people who look at you and your luggage happen to think you’re an heiress, what’s the harm in that?

But my luggage isn’t just about beauty, She’s got brains too! Each feature is based on a piece of failed luggage, and a lesson learned. The features were chosen to make travel as easy and stress-free as possible. My luggage is strong and beautiful.

Just like you.

Can you tell I want you to love your luggage? In fact, I would really love to start a group of women, and call us the Sisterhood of the Traveling Luggage. These are the rules: Once you purchase a piece from the Samantha Brown collection, I want you to take a picture of it enjoying your trip. I’ve posted some examples of my own trips so you’ll know what I mean. I have so much fun doing this, and the more clever and creative you are the better. Then, tell us about your trip! Likes, dislikes, must-sees and don’t-even-bothers. I’ll be there to chime in with my own list of advice and adventure too. Together, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Luggage will make life a wonderful journey. Go ahead, jump in!

Editor’s Note: Send your travel pictures and stories to to have them featured in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Luggage photo album on the HSN Facebook Page!

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