Transform a Fairy Tale Look into Wearable Fashion

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When we were little girls we loved to play dress up and pretend to be the princesses of our favorite fairy tales. Now we can reawaken our inner princess with the upcoming release of Disney’s Cinderella movie on March 13! Be the leading lady of your own modern story with these ideas on how to transform ball gowns and high court fashions into contemporary everyday looks.


1. Feminine Pastels


Shop the Cinderella Collection on HSN


Delicate colors like soft pink, Robin’s Egg blue, periwinkle, and pearly white all readily lend themselves to a romantic, royal look. For this hallmark of princess style The Dauphine Shell Blouse from Modern Princess by Coco Rocha is a wonderful tailored look that will wear well from work to dinner to dancing well past midnight.


2. Modern Ruffles


Shop the Cinderella Collection on HSN


Traditional ball gowns swallowed their wearers with voluminous skirts that would only read as a costume today. To pull off a modern take on this princess style try The Duchess Blouse from Modern Princess by Coco Rocha. It will give your outfit Victorian charm with its ruffled front but still feel modern with its sheer fabric.


3. Shapely Layers


Shop the Cinderella Collection on HSN


We’ll forego the corset for a more modern and breathable option like the The Petal Skirt from Modern Princess by Coco Rocha. This skirt beautifully accentuates a woman’s silhouette with its pencil frame and will define the waistline. Its added layering helps to build curves even for a very petite figure too.


4. Baroque Prints




Prints that mimic high-relief sculpture like this baroque style conjure up images of ball rooms and princesses dashing off at the stroke of midnight. Give this vintage pattern a new twist with The Princess Pant  and The Beau Monde Blazer from Modern Princess by Coco Rocha. With a great fit the print retains a hint of its centuries old romance without feeling dated.


5. A Touch of Edge




Too much sweetness and no backbone? Give your look some edge with The Rock Royalty Jacket from Modern Princess by Coco Rocha. A true princess isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and this moto jacket gives glamorous a little grit with its embellishments. Paired with a delicate skirt it’s a perfect mix of traditional and modern for enchanting beauty.


Check out the HSN Cinderella Collection for more inspiration on how to create your own personal princess look. How will you wear your royal flair?

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