Top Spring Cooking Tips from Simple Fresh Southern Chefs The Lee Brothers

Siblings Matt and Ted share their passion for southern food with The Lee Bros. collection of high-performance cookware. They shared some tips with us for springtime cooking. As part of HSN Cooks presented by Bon Appetit, The Lee Bros. premieres on March 27. To get us geared up for what they’ll be showing us on-air, below are some of their top spring tips for cooking their favorite cuisine, good el’ southern food.

From The Lee Bros.:
Spring has it all! It’s a wonderful transition season that embraces both long-cooking, soul-warming indoor dishes, like a roast leg of lamb and new potatoes, and fresh outdoor excursions, like a cookout with grilled burgers and salad greens picked fresh from the garden.
Tip 1: Grilling
Dust off the grill! In Charleston, we took a brief hiatus from backyard cooking this January and February, and by now the grill in our backyard is fired up most nights. We’re marinating simple proteins like London Broil and mahi-mahi (a fast-growing, sustainable fish, reaching its peak season shortly), and serving them with leafy salads.
Tip 2: Salads
Salads! In Charleston, our first crops of lettuces are just coming up, and they’re as tender and as delicate as can be. We’re preparing simple suppers of salads and omelets that incorporate other Spring specialties, like shad roe, wild onions, and asparagus.

Tip 3: Asparagus
Asparagus is coming up everywhere–wild and cultivated! If it’s still too cold to grill where you are, you can “skillet-grill” it in a large cast-iron pan over high heat thinly coated with a high-temperature oil like canola.
Tip 4: Pickling
Pickling season returns! The garlicky wild onions called “ramps” that grow in mountainous regions of the South are beginning to show up in the farmer’s markets, and they make powerful delicious pickles, for eating straight from the jar, for making salad dressings and sauces with, and for garnishing a martini in the place of an olive. Make a pickled relish of Jerusalem artichokes now, before they disappear, and you can spread them on grilled fish sandwiches all summer long.
Watch The Lee Bros. on HSN March 27 at 3 am, 10 am & 2 pm EST. Click HERE to view our Program Guide for show times.
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