To Each Her Own

Most of us have had a woman as a role model from the time we were very young, usually she is the one who strengthens us and gives us the confidence to be all we can be. She often sees our potential before we do!!
Of course you have heard me speak on numerous occasions about my grandmother “Briggs” and how she shaped me as a person.  Although she passed away many years ago, she was and continues to be my very special role model. She was to me, a woman whose fashionable side matched her practical one. My grandmother influenced my sense of style as well as my drive and ambition. For all of my girly-ness I can honestly say I am very much like Briggs: No Shrinking Violet!
Who do imagine you are when you get dressed each day? We all wear lots of hats and our jobs very often influence our fashion choices. Frilly and feminine? Power dresser? Natural & earthy? Which type of jewelry emphasizes you? Whether you are a Southern belle, high-powered executive or a garden club enthusiast – your jewelry can enhance your style. Being almost 6 feet tall, I prefer grand – scale pieces that make a statement. However a more petite gal may want to step out in one of my huge honking necklaces to say, “Hey, look at me! I’m here!” A more tailored, corporate dresser can impart confidence in a board room by wearing a classic triple strand pearl necklace. A nature girl may find herself drawn to my critters like spiders, bees, birds and butterflies and of course my many floral designs.  Pins in this genre can dress up a work shirt, adorn a sun hat or hold a scarf in place.
I don’t know which one of these types best describe you – but I can honestly say I am all of them, and I wear my jewelry to express whichever look I wear that day. Being true to ourselves is what makes us unique. I will leave you with my favorite quote from Oscar Wilde:
“Be Yourself, everyone else is already taken”
This month, and throughout the summer I will be bringing to all of my “Heidi Girls” new designs in incredible colors. I know you will find something that is JUST PERFECT FOR YOU!

Much love,

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