Time Saving Tips for Applying Your Makeup

Time Saving Tips for Applying Your Makeup


Who isn’t looking for more ways to save time? If it means more beauty sleep I am always game, so for time saving tips on how to apply your makeup I have your back:


1. Get Your Hands Dirty

By using your hands and fingers to apply your cream based products (foundation, concealer, blusher and eye shadow) you will have a far more natural and dewy look due to the warmth of your hands blending the products into your skin. Now I am not suggesting you use your hands for every product. Mascara? Let me know how that works out for you! However you will find it quicker, your make up will look fresher and you will cut down on the time you spend washing those darn brushes!


Benefit’s Fine One One Colour Trio2. Use Multipurpose Products

This is a no brainer. Use a cheek/lip tint not only to cut down on how many products you have to use, but also to bring your look together. Having matching lips and cheeks is the ultimate healthy look. If you are forever loyal to that one lipstick, try dabbing a little on your cheeks and blending out with your fingers to bring the look together. This works best if you are using cream based lipsticks. A great product for added glow is Benefit’s Fine One One Colour Trio


3. Get Your Basics Sorted

I love to experiment, but I keep it for the weekends or evenings when I have more time on my hands. For your daily make up routine, get your basics sorted and stick to them. If you want to experiment, do so with one product at a time. I tend to start with the lips, as lipsticks are easier to remove if I do it wrong!


4. Sort Your Storage

Following on from above when you have your basics sorted have them easily accessible. Have your daily products at the front of your drawer or on your vanity, and for experimenting switch your products around every couple of weeks so you can easily grab a different lipstick or eye shadow when you want to mix things up a bit. Why not dedicate something like this Kaisercraft “Beyond the Page” Small Chest of Drawers to your entire make up collection. Top draw: your daily essentials, second: base, concealers and cheeks and third: lips and eyes?


Korres Wild Rose 4-Piece Brighten and Hydrate Kit5. Preparation

Your make up will look and sit better if it has a good base, so make sure you have a skincare regime that works for you and your skin. The better your skin the less time you will have to spend applying makeup and covering imperfections. Preparation also goes for the brows; keep them in line to avoid rushed plucking! New to skincare? Why not try a skincare starter kit like this one from Korres? Korres Wild Rose 4-Piece Brighten and Hydrate Kit


6. Practice

I have a friend who everyday sports the most precise feline flick, everyday! How does she do it? The answer is practice. She loved the look so searched for the best product that allowed her to do the perfect flick in no time at all. So if you have a look you love but aren’t too sure how to master it, practice till it becomes second nature to you.


For more helpful, time saving makeup tips check out Benefit Cosmetics’ “5 Minute Face” video tutorial.



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