Three Big Jewelry Anniversaries Coming Up on HSN!

Ever heard of the expression good things come in threes? Well in October HSN is going all out to prove that! We have three outstanding jewelry visionaries and three extraordinary anniversaries to celebrate. Jay King, Jay Finegold and Jean Dousset will all be here with new and exciting pieces in honor of their anniversaries- so let the festivities begin!
Jay KingHappy Anniversary to Jay King for 17 years at HSN!
Actually, he has been with us for longer than 17 years, but this commemorates his first full hour show with us.  Jay King brings us a combination of new and old. The gemstones he discovers and brings to us are millions of years old, but frequently he makes a mine find that is new – a gem that has never been seen before.
Jay’s  authentic excitement for discovery and natural beauty combined with a commitment to craftsmanship are unparalleled. No wonder he has one of the longest running jewelry brands at HSN. (BTW you can directly connect with him on his blog here on  Jay’s genuine natural gemstone jewelry and his sterling silver and copper always have an unusual story and unique look attached to them. When Jay travels the globe for us looking for the ultimate find, he usually scores big.
Turquoise, Coral, Agate, Exotics, you name it, he is on the look out for us. You never know what you can expect when he comes for his visits – part of the fun! You may just find that perfect necklace, earring or ring that you have been looking for OR didn’t even know you needed! Jay’s big event is on October 29th!
Jay Finegold of Xavier JewelryHappy Anniversary to the Xavier Collection -10 years at HSN an overnight success that started in the 1800s!
“What’s old is new again” we hear it all the time. It is certainly true with this exquisitely designed jewelry line brought to us by Jay Finegold.  (I love that his last name has to do with jewelry, don’t you?) This is a long story I am going to make short! When Jay was a young jeweler studying with master craftsmen he absorbed as much knowlege as possible. A romantic at heart, he eventually acquired the Franz Xavier design archives from one of his mentors.  Franz Xavier was the jeweler to the royals of Europe. Jay lovingly protected and treasured them for decades while constantly on the look-out for a perfect match in order to share them with the world. It became clear over 10 years ago that HSN was a that perfect match.
Franz Xavier came to America on a visit for our centennial in 1876. He fell in love with the United States and moved his entire family and workshop to our shores. In Philadelphia, his name was synonymous with luxury. He designed for the “royalty” of America: you know, the captains of industry, the steel giants and true socialites.  I bet he would never have imagined that his designs would still be so popular in 2012. Xavier is one of the few  jewelry houses that has remained relevant from the Victorian Era to today.
I often think of the collection as estate style jewelry because of its vintage looks, but I appreciate that it doesn’t have 100 years of wear and tear on it nor do I have to pay auction house prices. Join the celebration of style on October 15 with several brand new selections and lots of Jay’s great stories.
Me with Jean DoussetJean Dousset is also in celebration mode! Happy 5th Anniversary to my friend and yours, Jean Dousset.  His family legacy also plays an important part of his everyday life. You’ve heard me say it so many times on the air –Jean is the great, great grandson of Louis Cartier. Yes, THE Cartier! Jean’s first job at the age of 22 was to work with some of the finest jewelers in world. Sitting next to and studying with the bench jewelers of the great jewelry houses of his hometown of Paris was Jean’s official start in the jewelry business.
Recently Jean told me that the reason he loves coming to HSN is, “The opportunity to share with a broad audience the history and wonders of High Jewelry making  that I was very fortunate to experience throughout my career. I adore the fact that everyone can buy and own an affordable version of the best colored gemstones ever produced by the earth ! A Ruby that is in fact a Ruby, just lab created– How great is that ?”
After 5 years on HSN he is so touched by all the support you have shown him. Jean always shows his passion for you and his jewelry with every presentation. Have you ever noticed how he seems to want to jump through the camera sometimes? It isn’t that he is over caffeinated; he is over the moon about being able to share his designs with everyone instead of just the few who can afford to come to his Beverly Hills showroom.  Be sure to tune in on October 30th to see what Jean has in store for you!
Looking forward to a star studded October!
Rock on,

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