Thoughtful Jewelry Gifts For Every June Occasion

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In the first week of June our mailboxes are flooded with a slew of party invites. It’s going to be graduation, wedding, and Father’s Day events all month long so we need to grab that second cup of coffee and gear up for gift shopping. This year let’s do one better than the store bought card with a gesture that shows some extra thought. Check out this jewelry gifts guideline to start your brainstorming.


1. Gifts For Graduates

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To make it through an arduous degree program is its own reward and you can give a gift that will help the graduate remember it as they tackle future challenges. An appropriate gift of jewelry for a female graduate could be a piece like this set of Cultured Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings from Imperial Pearls by Josh Bazar. Pearls are an elegant gift that never goes out of style and they can reflect her rising status as a post grad. If she is preparing to enter the workforce owning a sophisticated accessory like these earrings will come in handy for job interviews and networking opportunities.


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When perusing gifts for male graduates really the same ideas apply. Most men aren’t apt to purchase jewelry for themselves and yet graduation rings are a rich tradition that many employers recognize and like to discuss. A jewelry gift like this 2-Tone Eagle Ring by Michael Anthony Jewelry ® is handsome, meaningful, and useful for them to wear as a daily reminder of how far they’ve come or reserved for special occasions. Another professional option for graduates is a watch like this Leather Strap Dress Watch by Croton.

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2. Gifts For Dad

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His is a 24/7 job that is always needed but not always acknowledged. Father’s Day is the one day of the year where all of his efforts and love should be absolutely recognized. Show appreciation to those men who have been father figures in your life with a gift like this 10K 2-Tone Anchor Pendant. Simple and symbolic of anchoring presence in your life, this pendant can become part of the special bond between you and him. You’ll know that every time he pins it on he’ll be thinking of you.


3. Gifts For Newlyweds

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I can guess what you’re already thinking: couples getting married usually have a wedding registry for gifts. While that’s true, if the couple in question are very good friends of yours something a little more tender than the gift of a toaster oven is in order. Giving the gift of matching jewelry to newlyweds like a set of 10K “Angel” Pendants is romantic, especially since many couples today choose not to have coordinated wedding bands.


If the bride is a best friend of yours it’s a wonderful idea to complement a wedding registry gift with a small token just for her. An appropriate gift of jewelry for this scenario would be something that’s not overtly bridal and that will stand apart from her wedding ring. A choice like this Mother-of-Pearl and Abalone Reversible Necklace from Rarities Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie would be perfect.

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Speaking of wedding season, 20 years or so down the line do you think it’s okay to upgrade or trade up our wedding rings?  Is it okay to go bigger or get a different setting?

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