These Jewels Put The Icing On Our Birthday Cake

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The beautiful thing about jewelry is that it’s ageless. If we were to unearth some of the pieces from our jewelry boxes we might find favorites we collected from over 10 years ago or more! Then there’s also those really special pieces inherited from past generations. Despite the passage of time, jewelry holds its style with age and that’s a little trick we’d all like to master too. To celebrate HSN’s 38th birthday in the month of July we’re excited to put the icing on the cake in the form of some new diamonds and jewels to add to our timeless collection.


1. Collar Necklaces

Heidi Daus Collar Necklace

There’s nothing like wearing a solid plating of jewels around our neck to refresh a girl’s spirits! Collar necklaces like this one have regained popularity in the last few years but the original design of this necklace has been around for centuries. Be sure to look closely for the hidden dragonfly designs in this “Fantasy in Flight” Crystal Collar Necklace though. With so much crystal sparkle and color, this necklace can definitely be the centerpiece of an outfit and hardly needs additional accessorizing.


2. Pin It Up

Heidi Daus Crystal Pin

Long before Pinterest, these kinds of fashion pins were the IT accessories to wear to show off a bit of personality and sparkle. Being that it’s HSN birthday month in July, we couldn’t resist this “It Takes the Cake” Crystal Pin by Heidi Daus. It’s a unique piece that we could see being shared amongst a group of friends or family for each individual’s yearly anniversary. Asides from celebrating birthdays though the lovely colors of this pin make it easy to style with almost any outfit so why not enjoy a slice of the finer things in life with this pin during any time of the year? Blow out the crystal candles and make a wish!


3. Ring In The Years

Rarities Fine Jewelry Diamond Ring

Now we love all types of jewelry but rings always seem to capture our attention a little more. Maybe it’s the cultural significance behind them or maybe it’s that they always seem to come with a great story? Create a new memory and tie it up in this effortlessly pretty 0.5ct Diamond Sterling Silver Ring from Rarities Fine Jewelry by Carol Brodie. It’s decorated with pave-set round diamonds that will shine in the sun and the ring itself is crafted in a unique pyramid design that will make it stand out from any other piece in your collection.


4. Drop Earrings

Deb Guyot Designs Drop Earrings

The rule of “less is more” comes to mind when we picked these Quartz Cluster Drop Earrings by Deb Guyot Designs. These earrings combine the allure of freeform drops of Herkimer “diamond” quartz clustered with round amethyst beads and clear quartz accents for a simple and chic accessory. What will really capture your attention with these earrings though is the tiny diamond quartz lining the sterling silver banding of the earring. This little addition helps to accentuate the sparkle of the other diamond quartz within their design to have an overall eye-catching effect.


5. Classic Pearls

Heidi Daus Simulated Pearl Necklace

The look of a pearl necklace always evokes the thought of timeless beauties like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jackie Onassis, women with style and class to match. To borrow a page out of their pearl playbook we want to style this “Dazzling Duo” Simulated Pearl Interchangeable Necklace. Wear it as one long strand or double the strands as a shorter necklace with a more dramatic finish.


What’s one piece of jewelry that you’ve held the longest and what’s its story?

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