The World of Pastel Gems, by the Queen of Gems

Pastel gems – champagne quartz, rose quartz, lilac quartz, prasiolite quartz, lemon quartz, and of course,  white quartz – are known to be the most common minerals on earth, and are well known in the gem world. This natural genuine quartz rough comes from the mines of Brazil and Africa.

  • Rose Quartz (light pink) – In demand for its soft, pastel beauty.
  • Prasiolite Quartz (mint green) – The rarest of all, and so it’s the priciest of all.
  • Apple Quartz (lemon) – My most favorite of all, for the intensity and saturation of the color.
  • Rose the France (lilac) – The most romantic of all, which is known as light amethyst.
  • Champagne Quartz (very light yellow) – The imitation of canary diamond, so suiting and so feminine.
  • White Quartz – The most natural color, is used in many jewels today when we need to get a gem as close as diamond.

Quartz is attractive and durable. It can be cut and carved in many forms and sizes (hardness = 7).

It’s the many facets that I put on all my pastel quartz that makes it so brilliant and sparkling.  I am now searching for a new rough of a new shade of quartz. Hopefully by end of this year, we can introduce a new shade of pastel quartz.
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