The World Beyond Those Basic Black Leggings

The World Beyond Those Basic Black Leggings

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We’re about to say something that might be a little fashion sacrilegious: We’re tired of the basic, black legging. Don’t get us wrong, a classic never dies and it should be in the arsenal of any wardrobe but it’s also time to shake things up. It’s summer and we’re ready to relax, enliven our look and see what some other spandex has to offer.  Here are 5 alternative styles of leggings to give our fashion sense some elasticity.


1. Leather

Fab Faux Leather & Ponte Legging

It’s amazing what just changing a textile can do for an outfit. Swap in cotton for a Ponte back and faux leather front and our regular loungewear style of legging is suddenly very grown up. If we want a legging with comfort and posh style this Fab Faux Leather & Ponte Legging from NeNe by NeNe Leakes can deliver. Create an even sleeker look with leather leggings by picking a complimentary leather shoe so the two seem to almost melt into one another. It makes our legs look even longer in these leggings.


2. Brights

Compact Capri Legging

Some women are afraid to play with bright colors in fear that it will be too overwhelming but if styled correctly the results are stunning. Pick one piece of apparel to be bright and the secondary piece to be neutral. For example if you love the Bermuda Blue of these Compact Capri Legging from Yummie by Heather Thomson as much as we do, then pair it with a white, black, beige or grey upper layer. The minty tint of this bright legging is perfect for summer and the cropped style makes it cool to wear too.


3. Prints

Comfort Waist Printed Cropped Legging

Leggings are arguably the perfect canvas for prints. Their sleek silhouette gives even the busiest of patterns a clean structure so our outfit looks not just pulled together but very chic. If you don’t believe us try on this Comfort Waist Printed Cropped Legging by Diane Gilman, add a heel, white blazer and see for yourself. The intricate designs of this printed legging will look natural with any look.


4. Embellishments

Essential Pull-On Legging with Button Detail

We won’t be buttoned up about our love for this Essential Pull-On Legging with Button Detail by Liz Lange. Little details like an ankle zipper, scalloped hemlines, or alternate paneling give leggings the edge they need to stand out and work as a statement pant. It’s like what accessories can do for a basic tank; embellishments on our leggings make them feel more robust and substantial than our simpler pairs.


5. Sporty

"Molly" Slim Pant

It’s a no brainer that leggings and physical fitness go hand in hand what with their compression being ideal for healthy circulation. Asides from their sweat potential, though, we’ve got our eyes on sporty leggings for their athleisure style. This “Molly” Slim Pant by tsu.ya by Kristie Yamaguchi could almost be labeled a basic black legging but it begs a closer look. What transforms it is the relaxed style, with a slight straight leg cut and the defining addition of stud pockets. The little differences make this legging a versatile and fresh choice in our books.


What new fashion trend are you ready to embrace for summer?

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