The Undergarments We Need For Every Hard-To-Wear Outfit

The Right Undergarment For Every Hard-To-Wear Outfit

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As if getting dressed doesn’t feel tricky enough some mornings, we all have some items in our closets that like to throw us for a loop. You know–that one top with the sheer striping or that one gorgeous dress with a low cut back? Our regular undergarments are simply not going to cut it when it comes to these specialty cases. No more stressing over visible panty lines or allowing beautiful pieces of our wardrobes to gather dust, we’ve got the shapewear to solve these everyday fashion snafus.


1. Off-the-shoulder Scenarios

Off-the-shoulder looks can be so seductive while, in reality, not revealing an extraordinary amount of skin. The problem with this style however is that by default we either have to wear a strapless bra or allow one bra strap to be left exposed. The former option is not every lady’s favorite undergarment, while the latter of leaving a strap exposed can diminish the polished look of the finished outfit. The newest solution to this problem is to upgrade our undergarments for the occasion. The Strap It’s Tank Top with Removable Designer Straps gives us the comfort of a full-support, strapped bra with the added elegance of designed and detailed straps to complement an outfit.


2. Close & Clingy Quarters

Want to know the secret of how celebrities look fantastic at award shows in those skin-tight dresses? It’s not all diet and exercise–it’s the underwear! Shapewear can give us that curvy figure with clean lines that we crave. For example, for a dress that has any type of stiff fabric like leather or that is naturally clingy around the bust a shapewear top like this Mesh Bodice Tank will drastically alter how the fabric lays on the body. It will remove the bumps caused by bras and taper our waistline.


3. Heavy Knit Hindrances

Even when we go to the opposite side of the spectrum from clingy outfits we can still run into problems. Heavy knit fabrics whether loose or tight fitting can by their sheer weight bear down on our silhouettes and reveal our undergarments. To avoid this VPL issue the easiest solution is to use a non-structured layer like these Seamless Tanks. Made of a seamless stretch knit, this type of tank is great for creating a smooth base for heavy knit shift dresses or tops.


4. Sheer Situations

One popular style today is the “day to night” look but for certain outfits this phrase has an entirely different meaning. For sheer dresses or tops that look good in low light but are suddenly far too revealing in full light, we can appreciate this distinction! To fix a too sheer outfit without permanently stitching in a slip, you can wear an undergarment like an Everyday Molded Cup Camisole. The trick to wearing this camisole well is to choose a color that is one shade off from your top, sheer layer. Neutral colors like off white, ash, olive, and navy always work better than deep, fluorescent shades.


5. Extreme Slits

Every outfit has a time and place, but sometimes we need that date night outfit to be able to hold a decent place at 8am in the office too? The right undergarments can help us get more mileage out of our wardrobe whether it means giving a low cut top a modest base layer or helping turn a head-turning slit into a different fashion statement. These “Smooth Tootsie” Seamless Shaping Leggings can do more than just tame a slitted dress, they can also give our shape some extra tucking at the waist. Worn underneath a long, heavy knit dress these shaping leggings can solve multiple fashion complications all in one go.


What’s one indispensable undergarment in your wardrobe?

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