The Top 7 Cold Weather Wardrobe Basics

The Top 7 Cold Weather Wardrobe Basics

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To put together a winning wardrobe for fall and winter there are some key cold weather basics we need. Besides some well chosen party dresses for the many holiday gatherings we’ll be sure to attend, our closets also need a few of these everyday staples to get us from home, to work and back again. We’ve pared down a list to the top 7 essentials in accessories and clothing to cover all our basics for the season.


1. Cozy Headwear

Curations Caravan Luxe Marled Headband

Protect your forehead and ears from being put in the deep freeze of fall and winter with a cute and warm headband. They’re less restrictive than a full hat and so it won’t upset a hairstyle as much, but it’s still very warm. A cozy knit option like the Curations Caravan Luxe Marled Headband is the perfect accessory to stash in your bag for your commutes or errands around town.


2. Glam Gloves

Curations Caravan Fingerless Gloves

Keep your digits toasty and stylish with fingerless gloves this season. Fingerless options are great for maintaining dexterity in cold weather so you can easily access your phone, apply makeup, and grab your car keys without experiencing any loss of traction. Pair a colorful knit pair like these Curations Caravan Fingerless Gloves with a black blazer, jeans, and your favorite athletic flats for a mix of high and low pieces.


3. A Cardigan-Scarf Set

Jamie Gries Collection Ruffle Cardigan and Scarf Set

When you’re in a bind and need to pull an outfit together fast a cardigan-scarf set is a great fall-back uniform. The simple matching look of the two pieces can quickly transform a look from frumpy to classy and it takes the guesswork out of finding complementary colors. Try a combo like this Jamie Gries Collection Cardigan and Scarf Set with ruffled detailing to add more body and movement to a simple outfit.


4. Base Layer Leggings

Serena Williams Basic Legging 2-pack Set

We could talk about the benefits of leggings for daaays but to keep things short and sweet, know that they can go with everything. Wear them under jeans or slacks for an extra layer of warmth on those really cold days, style them with sweater dresses or ponchos, use them in your athleisure outfits, the list goes on. The versatility of leggings is not to be forgotten and it’s smart to grab some neutral leggings like these Serena Williams Basic Legging 2-pack Set to use with all of our fall and winter fashion.


5. Slimming Skinnys

DG2 by Diane Gilman Modern SuperStretch Denim Skinny Jean

For holiday parties where the dress code calls for a medium between cocktail attire and strictly casual, you can’t go wrong with a slimming pair of black skinny jeans. Black always elevates the polish of a look and the silhouette of skinny jeans also helps create a sleek look. As an added bonus, black jeans can disguise any spills or stains sometimes sustained at busy parties. Pair your black skinny jeans like this DG2 by Diane Gilman Modern SuperStretch Denim Skinny Jean with a fantastic pair of heels and some statement accessories and you’re good to go!


6. Bright Accessories

June Ambrose Bug Pin with Faceted Jewels

Speaking of statement accessories, fall and winter are the times to invest in unique jewelry that will help to reinvent your cold weather wardrobe. Most of us have a handful or two of sweaters and jackets that we rely on during these seasons, and they can begin to feel a little tired after multiple uses. Breathe fresh air into your outfits with bold and bright accessories like this June Ambrose Bug Pin with Faceted Jewels.


7. Blinged Out Boots

Joan Boyce Sequin Bow Boot

Boots are a must for cold weather and it’s a great idea to have a wide variety of styles on hand for different occasions. For going out leather riding boots or heeled ankle booties are classic choices but for a super comfortable option the Joan Boyce Sequin Bow Boot will take you far. With its added “bling” of sequins and tassels, this boot has enough style to work with any of our favorite looks. The rubber soles of these boots also ensure a safe step on temperate surfaces.


What other important basics make up your cold weather wardrobe?

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