The Top 5 Beauty Products To Always Carry In Your Handbag

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It’s easy to be ready for the unexpected like a business lunch or a last minute interview when you have an emergency beauty kit stashed away. With just a few products in your purse you can attend to any hair, skin, or makeup issue that might crop up while you’re out. The trick is to know what the essentials are and pick beauty pieces that can have multiple uses in a pinch. Refresh your beauty routine and stock your handbag with these 5 products to be prepared for all of life’s surprises. Organization just got more glamorous.


1. Body Butter

Realizing your freshly-shaved legs look parched under your skirt or dress has to be one of the most annoying things. A small jar of body lotion like White Almond Absolute Comfort Body Cream Drops by Perlier goes really far with just a drop of application to cover ashy skin.


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Bonus: If you’re suffering from too many fly-away hairs that day you can use a small amount of cream applied on your fingers to smooth frizz or to seal a bad split end.


2. Make Up Essentials

If you’re ever running late for work and find yourself in the car with a bare face you can still pull off a stylish look with basics in your bag. Lancôme has a Glamour Color makeup set that includes a mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. Mascara and eyeliner will instantly open your eyes and make your face look defined even with minimal make up.


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Bonus: If you have dark eyebrows your mascara can double as a quick brow thickener and shadow.


3. Teeth Whitener

First impressions matter so ensure your pearly whites are ready with Intelliwhite Pro Whitener Express Pen with Pearl Stain Eraser. This quick eraser by Intelliwhite is a lot easier to conceal than a toothbrush and only takes a few minutes.


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Bonus: A bright smile is as good as a professional makeup job to illuminate your face.


4. Volumizer

If you’re ever caught in a sudden downpour or the humidity zaps your hairstyle it’s a great relief to have some instant volume at your disposal. Apply a few bursts of 24k Root Envy Root Boost by Sally Hershberger near the scalp and turn your head upside down to let gravity help with resetting a look.


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Bonus: Volumizer can also be used to style curls or scrunch your hair if your straightened look starts to crimp. It can also be lightly applied to unruly eyebrows to keep hairs in place.


5. Skin Firming Cream

If you have to transition from the office straight to a personal date after work, an easy way to feel refreshed is with a little bit of a skin-firming serum that will instantly plump up tired spots and smooth your skin’s texture. Try the R45 Titration Therapy Set with Contouring Neck & Decollete Cream by Beauty Bioscience for a quick lift.


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Bonus: Blending a dab of this serum with your lipstick can give you a lifting cream blush to really perk up your face for wherever you need to go next.


What’s one beauty item you never leave home without?

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