The Similarities of Soul Siblings

I often refer to Nicky Butler as my Soul Brother because we have so much in common.  For example, Nicky is in love with India and all his jewelry is made by hand there –  My Dad was Indian and he started the first major importing empire out of India back in the day. Nicky has designed jewelry for Princess Diana – I have watched my friend’s cat named Princess Gracie.  Nicky loves handcrafted jewelry – I love handcrafted jewelry!  Okay, so I stretched on a couple of those, but all you need to know, is that Nicky Butler’s jewelry is the finest in hand craftsmanship.
Some of Nicky’s most coveted pieces are his crosses, and his upcoming shows (his Today’s Special is on May 29th) will be packed full of these exquisite collectables.  My favorite cross that will be coming up is the Green Chalcedony and Moonstone.   The vibrant color of the green Chalcedony is so current to fashion right now, yet Nicky’s signature silver design anchors the timeless style which women the world over have come to know.  Seriously, the man has provided jewelry to celebrities and royalty all over the world. Who else would you trust to bring you top of the line jewelry?
Nicky’s favorite pieces to design for a woman are earrings because they bring so much beauty to a woman’s face.  Boy did he bring some incredible earrings for this visit!  I am in love with his Line Drop Clutch Back Earrings that are stand alone gorgeous but, because of their linear style, also make your face look longer and thinner.
If you want to add a little pizzazz though, pick up a pair of his Multi Gem Drop Earrings.  These stunners come in Labradorite, for the mysterious and alluring side of us women, and Lapis which is such a crave worthy summer choice.

Even though I feel like Nicky and I have so many similarities, I am starting to think, “What woman does not love the beauty of gems, sterling silver, and handcraftsmanship?”  That’s right – basically none.  I still consider him my Soul Brother though.  He’s got an “N” in his name – I’ve got an “N” in mine…Okay, you are just going to have to watch on May 29th and you will know what I mean!
Rock on! Love and Light,

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