The Secrets of Wearing Denim

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Denim can be the basis of a great wardrobe. This staple is perfect for dressing up and dressing down. The key is knowing how to wear it. The key is knowing how to wear it. Here are some of my favorite tips:


1. Proper Fit

The first step is one that most of us hate: finding the right fit. Yes, it could take hours in the dressing room, but another option is to take your favorite pair (or three) to a tailor. A pair of jeans that fits perfectly can make you look like a million bucks.


2. Dark Wash

Dark washes are a girl’s best friend. That dark finish won’t draw the eye to any problem areas, and it can help slim you (instantly taking off pounds!).


I have some fabulous dark jeans that will flatter any figure! From boot cut to skinny jeans, I have jeans in every fit.


3. Pocket Detail

As for denim detail, it is all about the pockets! Small pockets tend to make the derriere look larger, and vice versa. Choose larger pockets that are angled towards the center seam. That angling gives the booty a lifted look (get a Pilates body by slipping on your jeans? Score!).


So, bootcut or straight leg? Share the with the class! Give us your denim style tips in the comments below.

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