The Season’s Best Holiday Makeup Looks

The Season’s Best Holiday Makeup Looks

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As the very first party invitations trickle in this season we know we’ll be needing some makeup looks that we can pull off quickly and easily. Preferably even one handed so our free hand can work on wrapping up all those last minute gifts! Find the perfect makeup style to match every one of your planned outfits this month. These holiday beauty looks will actually have us showing up to parties on time!


1. A Natural Beauty

A Natural Beauty

During the holidays some people like to go all out–the brightest lights, the biggest tree, the loudest jingle bells you’ve ever heard–but we don’t have to copy this approach with our beauty. Our party outfits and accessories are going to be more decorative or dressy than usual so an excellent and easy makeup choice is to go with nudes. Start with foundation  for your face then play up your eyes using neutral eyeshadows like browns, tans, & beiges. Accentuate your eyes further by filling brows, and using a tool to expertly define and lengthen lashes like the Woosh FLex & Control Mascara with Shield. Finish the look with a nude lipstick with just a little bit of gloss.


2. A Bold Pout

A Bold Pout

Bold lipstick shades like cherry, wine, and plum are never of more service to a girl than during the holidays as they add instant style to any look. If you’re on a time crunch to pull a look together, go minimal with all the other aspects of your makeup and invest the most time on crafting bold lips. To have your lipstick last through the party, first gently exfoliate lips (you can do this with a toothbrush in a pinch); it will help the color apply evenly. Next line and fill in lips completely with a lip pencil that matches your chosen lipstick. This is the secret to creating more staying power with our lip color! Finally color in lips with your chosen lipstick, and keep a lip balm handy throughout the night for rehydration.


3. Sparkle & Shine

Sparkle & Shine

The twinkling of holidays lights is the perfect backdrop for us to add a little extra shine to our makeup. For a luminous beauty look highlight your eyes and cheeks with a golden, champagne, or silver sparkle, and match the color to your lips with a slightly, shimmering gloss like the Woosh™ Beauty Spin-On Gloss. One tip for applying sparkly eyeshadow is to first apply a neutral base shade across the entire lid then concentrate the shimmering shade only on the very center of the lid. Our gaze naturally hits on that center point first anyway so it will create a subtle but elegant shine.


What are some of your tricks for easy and quick holiday beauty looks?

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