The Products You Need to Get Ready for Spring

A Guest Post from Total Beauty Editor, Audrey Fine
Even though Mother Nature seems to have missed the memo in some parts of the country, by all accounts spring is scheduled to arrive in just a matter of days. And we beauty folks like to think of it as more than a time of renewal — it’s also a great time to play with products.
Since your skin’s been swathed in heavy fabrics for months, and your face and hair have had to contend with both freezing temperatures and drying heat, you’ll need to revive your winter-weary body parts. Try these products, and you’ll be ready when the weather (finally) permits!
Let’s start with parched skin: A great way to banish icky dry patches is to exfoliate using a body brush before you step into the shower — they work wonders at revving up cell turnover. Once you’re in the shower, use your favorite exfoliating scrub at least three times a week.
After you towel off, apply moisturizer immediately — your skin will soak it up more easily. Try Korres Hydrating Guava Body Butter, $26.95, which contains Shea butter, glycerin, aloe, and sweet almond oil that absorb quickly and leave skin incredibly smooth. It’s also free of mineral oil, petrolatum, and silicones, which can clog pores and leave skin even bumpier and more scaly than it was before.
Now, think about your hair that’s been crammed into hats and tugged into ponytails all winter long. We love oil-based treatments because they can hydrate and restore shine. Try Amika Obliphica Oil Treatment, $18, which is based on ancient Russian herbal remedies. It contains a high concentration of Obliphica oil, an oil that is renowned for its regenerative properties. Worried that applying oil to your hair will result in nothing more than the greasies? Fret not. Technology has come a long way, and you’ll be amazed by how light this one feels.
So your body and hair are ready for spring, but what about your complexion? Odds are that it, too, needs something to help it detox and bring back its glow. Consider a rejuvenating mask to purify, exfoliate, and make your skin look luminous and healthy. Try Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, $34. In addition to being very effective at cleansing and tightening skin, this peel-off mask is fun to use, and, because it’s black you can see what’s been pulled out of your pores. (Gross, but cool.)
Of course, when you think spring, you think sun. And while it’s a lovely thing to behold after so many frigid months, you need to remember that UV rays can be both harmful and aging. Wear an SPF of at least 25 every day. Try Signature Club A Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Oasis Day Cream SPF 25, $49. Made with Argan oil and baobob extract, this nourishing cream can be worn alone or under makeup to help protect your skin.
Excited to spring into action and put your winter blues (and dryness) behind you? The Total Beauty Collection for HSN can help. This bargain of a beauty box boasts large samples of 11 of HSN’s best-selling brands for just $19.95. What better way to try out a product before buying a large, often expensive, amount of it? Armed with these top picks to help make the transition from winter to spring (and beyond) a smooth one, you’re sure to be feeling pretty — and downright rejuvenated — by the time the mercury starts to rise.

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