The Perfect Jewel-Tone Manicure for Fall

The Perfect Jewel-Tone Manicure for Fall


This fall jewel-tones are on trend to be the “It” colors for cosmetics and accessories so OPI has the perfect manicure to capture the season.  Give your regular polish routine a little seasonal pizzazz with this accent nail manicure using your three favorite jewel tone polishes. Follow our look and try a berry-wine base color with accent shades of purple and blue!


What You’ll Need:


Fall Into Beauty Nail Care Set



1. Prep

Apply one coat Nail Envy Original Formula to strengthen nails, and help the manicure last longer.


2. Base Color

Select one of your three nail polish choices and apply two coats of this polish to every nail. Don’t worry too much about outside smudges, they can be cleaned up later with a tool like the Correct & Clean Up Pen.

Base Color


3. Add Nail Art

On ring fingers and at the tip of these nails, take your second alternative colored polish and draw a diagonal line from the left corner to the center. Repeat with your third alternative colored polish but from the right corner.

Add Nail Art


4. Seal & Shine

Add one coat of your favorite OPI Top Coat for shine. For ready-to-wear style in 60 seconds add one drop of the Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops to each nail.


5. Nourish

Moisturize nails and hands with the Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go and High-Intensity Hand & Nail Cream for healthy skin and cuticles.


Which colors will you choose for you Jewel-Tone manicure?

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