The Off-The-Cuff Summer Jewelry We Love

Off-The-Cuff Summer Jewelry

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In the summertime cuffs and bangles bracelets are some of our favorite fashion accessories to layer up for statement styles or sport solo for a quick, fashionable look. What makes this wrist wear so fitting for the season is that the bigger and bolder styles of cuffs and bangles perfectly balance out our dainty sundresses and breezy shorts and tank tops. With styles available in different widths and colors we can find an appropriate cuff or bangle bracelet for our outfit every day of the week. Join the arm party with these great choices…


1. Big & Bold Bangles

Multicolor Stone White Resin Bangle Bracelet

Bangles have been an enduring style in the jewelry world since the 1920’s coming in different shapes, colors, and materials to fit the look of every era. The bangles style that is seeing a revival for the summertime definitely has a 1980’s feel with its size but with modern modifications. This Multicolor Stone White Resin Bangle Bracelet by Bajalia uses a jeweltone compass design to give a retro bangle a polished look that makes it suitable for so many different looks.


2. Conventional Cuffs

"Global" Covered Dial Bangle Watch

Of course looking our best is important to us but so is ease and convenience. When we can find a way to mesh the two that is when we know a piece of a jewelry will truly be a great investment. This “Global” Covered Dial Bangle Watch by R.J. Graziano is one such lucky find. Cleverly designed to be a beautiful bangle bracelet with colorful oval stones it doubles as a secret timepiece. Simply unlatch the centermost design plate and underneath is your to-the-second watch face. Elegant and useful!

"Global" Covered Dial Bangle Watch


3. Negative Space Wrist Wear

Negative Space Criss-Cross Cuff Bracelet

If you love the slim, fitted feel of a cuff bracelet but feel the bigger designs overwhelm your personal style than the latest negative space style might be just the answer. Negative space bracelets use sleek and polished metalwork to weave an open design on the wrist. This style lets the wearer make a minimal impact that can be built up with their other accessories. This Negative Space Criss-Cross Cuff Bracelet by Sevilla Silver is still feminine and pretty while remaining easy to style with practically any outfit.


4. Stackable Bracelets

Thread-Wrapped Bangle Bracelet Set

Summer is the chance to capitalize on bright, tropical jewelry and one of the best ways to work with colorful accessories is through stackable bracelets. Stackables allow us the freedom to commit to a little color at first and keep adding until we feel we’ve hit the right balance. Depending on your personal style you might want to layer up to 4 or 5 bracelets at once, or just add a cool pop of color to offset an already assembled outfit.  This Thread-Wrapped Bangle Bracelet 5-piece Set by Himalayan Gems is the perfect starter’s kit for stackable bracelets and it’s available in many different colors to suit your closet’s color range.


5. Metal Cuffs

"Hadjah" Lapis Goldtone Cuff Bracelet

Metalwork designs give a strong, demanding attention to jewelry cuffs that can be artfully softened and made romantic with the right details and styling. This summer play with the idea of how opposites attract in your wardrobe and your jewelry by pairing seemingly contradictory styles then tweaking the details until they meld together. This “Hadiah” Hexagon-Shaped Lapis Goldtone Cuff Bracelet uses an impressive shield design paired with lapis stones to balance its look. Strive for that same innate balance and enjoy the results.


How would you style one of these cuffs for a polished, summer evening outfit?

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