The Nitty Gritty To Know On Facial Brushes

The Nitty Gritty To Know On Facial Brushes

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One of the big buzzwords in the beauty world is definitely facial brushes. These little machines tote the abilities to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize skin but for those of us still using the traditional method, aka. our two working hands, this wave of tech for skin care can seem a little alien. These devices though can make a huge difference.


Just like how we power wash a deck to get it squeaky clean, our skin can use that same tune up. Dead skin cells, makeup, and dirt are supposed to come off when we cleanse our faces at night but if they penetrate deeply into pores it can be hard to fully remove them. Facial brushes or scrubbers can pick up where a regular cleanser leaves off for a powerful combo to produce radiant skin.


1. How It Works

Good facial brushes aren’t meant to replace our regular cleansers, they’re to be used in tandem with them. First clean off excess dirt and makeup with a gentle foaming cleanser then dampen skin to prepare for using a brush. Brushes typically utilize either a low-frequency vibration, pulsation, or oscillating head to deep clean skin. These vibrations separate dirt and oil from the skin’s pores allowing the brush to pick up trapped particles and dead skin cells effortlessly. This process of sloughing off dead skin also encourages skin cells to turn over faster and produce more collagen.


2. Deciding On A Brush

Like most other elements of our skin care routine we customize it to your particular skin type. When selecting a facial brush for oily skin an option with a customary bristled surface can be used as excess oil accumulation makes it more difficult to penetrate the skin barrier and unclog pores. When selecting a facial brush for sensitive skin look for an option that has a soft surface like one made of silicone that won’t irritate or cause inflammation.


One great option that can satisfy both sensitive and oil-prone skin is the Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber by Trophy Skin. At first glance this tool doesn’t look like any brush or scrubber that we’d imagine but its abilities are nearly unrivaled. The Labelle uses a flat spatula surface that transmits ultrasonic waves into the skin. This approach concentrates the application of the waves and allows for a smooth glide over the skin’s surface. After use you can actually see the dead skin and extracted dirt on the spatula blade.

Labelle Ultrasonic Scrubber


3. The Benefits

Some women may initially experience minor breakouts after starting a new beauty routine with a facial brush and this is normal. At first the amount of dead skin cells being sloughed off can plug pores but with continued brush use pores become more open and there are fewer dead skin cells to exfoliate. Overtime the deep cleaning that facial brushes offer can help tighten and brighten skin, minimize wrinkles, and shrink large pores.


The other amazing benefit of facial brushes is that in addition to cleansing they can also double as an application tool. Many of the moisturizers, serums, and anti-aging creams we use on our skin actually sit on the surface instead of absorbing into its deeper layers. As effectively as facial brushes remove dirt with low-frequency vibrations they can also send medicine and hydrating treatments deep into the skin where they can provide their maximum effect.


Have you ever used a facial brush before? 

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