The Newest To Dye for Gel Nail Polishes of 2016

The Newest To Dye for Gel Nail Polishes of 2016

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Gel nail polishes are officially having a big moment in the beauty world. Not only do these special polishes last on average two weeks without chipping but they are coming out in an array of bold new shades that are quickly becoming the “it” colors of the season. Give yourself posh manicures right at home with these five stunning new gel nail polish colors of 2016.


1. Metallics

LED Gel Polish - Livin' the Dream

The glitz and glam from the holiday season shows no signs of stopping when it comes to these eye-catching metallic polishes. Within the world of metallics we have lots of different options from simple shimmers, super-fine sparkles, or chunky glitters. Experiment with different shades of metallics too like gold, silver, and iridescent. Wear a polish like LED Gel Polish – Livin’ the Dream with a short and natural style to keep the color from feeling too flashy.


2. Royal Blue

LED Gel Polish - Boy Toy

Bold blues had its turn in the fashion world last year but this season we’re seeing the color reinvented for nails. Navy blues, royal blues, and sapphire shades are perfect for these chilly winter days while maintaining a sophisticated air. For best wear, try a shade like LED Gel Polish – Boy Toy worn with short, square nails.


3. Warm Nudes

LED Gel Polish - Natural Beauty

Nude tones look lovely on everyone. This season we’re switching from the translucent and barely-there colors of fall to warmer and richer shades of nudes. Think creamy, luscious beiges, taupes, and camel tones for color. One universally pretty shade is the LED Gel Polish – Natural Beauty. Style it with short, natural-shaped nails.


4. Charcoal Grey

LED Gel Polish - Smoke & Mirrors

Darker shades in winter? That’s a no brainer. But the color gray? Now that’s not something we see too often. Cloudy grays like ash or deeper shades like charcoal are the genius new neutrals for winter that works perfectly with all of our wintertime fashion favorites. Try a polish like the LED Gel Polish – Smoke & Mirrors. It looks especially lovely on rounded nails.


5. Pearly Fuchsia

LED Gel Polish - Mei Mei I Ask You a Question

Typical summer shades are finding their way into the other seasons with some thoughtful tweaks. For winter we can update the look of a bright style like fuchsia with the use of a pearly topcoat. Try pairing a base color like LED Gel Polish – Mei Mei I Ask You a Question with the translucent white shimmer of LED Gel Polish – Glitteratzzi. Wear this style on long or short nails; either way it’s bound to shine.


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What will be your signature nail polish shade this season?

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