The Most Charming, Throwback Jewelry Designs

The Most Charming,Throwback Jewelry Designs

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Remember those charms we used to collect and trade like currency in middle school? The teachers could probably hear us jingling and jangling from a mile away. Well the matching BFF pendants for our bracelets and the good luck charms that bedazzled our necklaces have grown up in style since then. Charm jewelry has gotten a serious upgrade and now these classic accessories can help us express our personalities again.


1. Bracelet Baubles

5-Charm Toggle Bracelet

The quintessential charm bracelet was both an accessory and a hobby when we were young. This 5-Charm Toggle Bracelet from King Baby Jewelry is definitely a throwback to those days but with some beautiful updates. Our plastic childhood wristwear is transformed to sterling silver, with some oxidized rock n roll edge to give our sophisticated look a hint of nostalgia.


2. Penchant for Pendants

Sterling Silver Locket & Key Pendant

A single pendant hung on a long chain can pull together a basic look and make it feel professionally styled. We’ve got the key to this styling tip and will keep it close at hand with this Sterling Silver Locket & Key Pendant charm. Mitchell Binder of King Baby Jewelry updated this signature locket by adding a heart cut-out and the classic Mitchell Binder cross.


3. Trinkets With A Trunk

"Elefantino" Cameo and Crystal Goldtone Pendant

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s an animal lover than this “Elefantino” Cameo and Crystal Goldtone Pendant by Amedeo should definitely be on your list. Cameo carvings bring an intensity to pendants that pairs well with this nature-centered motif. Carved in shell and ringed with round-set red crystals, this elephant charm necklace will make a statement for untamed beauty.


4. A Bolo Bond

"Kachina" Adjustable Cord Necklace

Jump on to the charm-style trend and prepare for a wild ride with this “Kachina” Adjustable Cord Necklace. Rustic Bolo ties aren’t just the partners to ranch boots and cowboy hats, we love this redesigned necklace from Rara Avis by Iris Apfel because it challenges the rules. Take an indigenous pendant and style it with a polished look to create something that hasn’t been done before, something that is uniquely you.


5. Infinite Charm

"Best Friends" Charm Bangle Bracelet

Charms are supposed to be personal; they’re a collection of little symbols that can define who we are. This “Best Friends” Charm Bangle Bracelet by Angelica Collection is one way to share this intimate connection with a best friend. A sweet keepsake that is minimal and comfortable enough to wear everyday you can enjoy this reminder of your best bud whether they’re near or far. This charm is stamped with an infinity design to represent a bond that will endure any test of time.


Did you have a charm bracelet when you were young? What was your favorite charm?

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