The Monday Night Show Runs a Cold Case Investigation

The Monday Night Show Runs a Cold Case Investigation


We’ve all got our guilty pleasures after a dedicated day at work, maybe it’s that extra chocolate chip cookie for dessert or maybe it’s sidling up to a toasty electric heater? This past week on the Monday Night Show I got the not-so-cold, hard truth about those addicted to portable heaters! *cue the ominous music stage left* But seriously, there’s a demand for home heating out there and thankfully HSN has a full range of heating options to suit everyone’s needs. If your love of a crackling hearth consumes your every thought at the office, a dinner party, or before you fall asleep at night then the Heat Surge Roll-n-Glow is the relief you’ve been waiting for. Its an electric heater with the visual allure of a real fireplace, and the wheels to locomate along with your now sunny self.


It’s a cold world out there, folks, (it is winter here after all) but luckily it just got a little warmer with the help of these heaters. Tune in to my show next week to follow up on more hot stories and learn about new addictive products!


Where would you use an electric heater?

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