The Monday Night Show Meets A Halogen Oven with Mettle

The Monday Night Show Meets A Halogen Oven with Mettle


A superhero has hit the scene and is heating up smart solutions for how to cook a quick dinner. Did Superman trade in his cape for an apron? Nope, better than that–I’m talking about the Super Wave Halogen Oven from Bell + Howell. This appliance can take the heat but it still likes to get out of the kitchen to help protect and serve team members around HSN. Wrongdoers beware, this halogen oven is serving up some vigilante justice for dinner!


Asides from restoring peace to HSN’s campus, the Super Wave Halogen Oven can also cook a meal three times faster than a conventional oven. Bring a delicious, quick dinner to the table almost faster than the speed of light with this kitchen hero.


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What’s the first recipe you want to try out on this halogen oven?

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