The Monday Night Show Goes Easter Eggstreme Hunting

The Monday Night Show Goes Easter Egg-streme Hunting


The Monday Night Show has a certain “hop” in its step and that’s because an eggcellent holiday is almost here–Easter! There’s nothing better than spending time with family and friends during the holidays, but I can’t deny that I’ve also got my eyes on the prize for this year’s great egg hunt. I’ve been fine tuning my yolk-o-vision to hit gold in the field but sometimes I find a little more than I bargained for!


To execute your own extreme Easter egg hunt try the Automatic Easy Egg Cooker from Elite to prep some eggs that won’t crack under all the excitement.


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For more help cooking up some eggstreme adventures check out all the other kitchen appliance deals available, and tune in to spend time with me every week for the Monday Night Show with Adam Freeman at 7 pm ET.


Have a happy Easter, everyone! What’s the best loot you’ve ever found on an Easter egg hunt?

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