The Monday Night Show Gets The Dirt on One Famous Groundhog

The Monday Night Show Gets The Dirt on One Famous Groundhog


This past Monday, we all awoke bright and early to hear the groundhog’s 2015 prediction of whether we should expect six more weeks of winter, or if warmer weather was coming early. Well, we got our answer–keep layering on those winter coats!–but I got to sit down with the boss behind the big decision and I learned, it aint easy being a groundhog! The man, or should I say mammal?, responsible for Groundhogs Day every year is Phil, one famous and busy groundhog. I met Phil in his new home to hear about life in the underground, how the family was doing, and the story behind seeing his shadow.


With winter stretching a little longer this season, I plan to invest in a few winter solutions to help tame the yard, a portable heater to keep my toes toasty in the office, and some cozy bedding so I will sleep as soundly as say–a groundhog!


Tune into the Monday Night Show with Adam Freeman every Monday at 7pm EST to make some new acquaintances like Phil, and hear about the best products for every season.


How will you spend these next six weeks of winter?

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