The Monday Night Show Corn Shucking Challenge

MNS Corn Shucking Challenge!

Take a look at the Monday Night Show challenge between Curtis Stone and host, Adam Freeman on HSN! Can you guess who wins? Tell us in the comments below, we’re all ears!

Posted by HSN on Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Ladies and gentlemen, please lend me your ears, ears of corn that is, for this hilarious Monday Night Show Challenge between myself and Curtis Stone! For this off-the-cob challenge, Curtis and I raced to see who could shuck more ears of corn in 30 seconds. I’ll tell ya, the man is a corn-shucking machine! After seeing him snap through one piece like a twig I’ll certainly think twice before crossing him in the kitchen again.


For everyone at home who wants to prep their corn quickly but maybe not at our mile a minute pace there’s a simple trick. Pop your ears of corn with husks on into the microwave for a few minutes then cut an inch off the bottoms. The husk and silk strands should slide off like butter but if you experience any resistance just cut a bit more off the bottom. Some easy kernels of knowledge to test out with your next dinner!


Remember to tune into The Monday Night Show again next week at 7 PM ET to see what new antics we’re getting into and find the best deals on your favorite goods.


Do you guys have any tricks for how you prep corn?

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