The Jade Jewels To Make Everyone Green With Envy

The Jade Jewels To Make Everyone Green With Envy

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Jade is one of the earliest known materials used for hand carvings and ornamental jewelry. In ancient cultures people wore Jade for wealth, protection, and to attract love. We can’t vouch for its metaphysical properties but we certainly can speak to its physical beauties. Instantly recognizable by its manifestation of pearly green stones to a yellow-green to a brilliant emerald tone, Jade makes for eye-catching jewelry designs. Add this exotic gemstone to your look for a touch of elegance and maybe good luck too!


1. Amber Accents

Jade Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

It’s a little known fact but there are actually other colors of Jade outside of the traditional green tones. These Sterling Silver Drop Earrings use a yellow jade with citrine to achieve this bright color. Yellow Jade is the second most popular display of this gemstone seen for ornamental use. A little warmer than Green Jade, these amber earrings will light up your face for a lovely look.


2. Traditional Jade

Jade Sterling Silver "Fan" Ring

The value of Jade is appraised using a few different methods but the most traditional and rare form of this stone is considered the Green Jade. This Sterling Silver “Fan” Ring stays close to tradition with a classic Chinese fan design carved into its pearly green foundation.  Featuring accents of Garnet and CZ stones this ring by Jade of Yesteryear will capture your imagination with its time-honored beauty.


3. Cultural Icons

Jade Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Besides the different color manifestations of Jade, much of its personal value comes from the unique designs carved into it. Each symbol has a special meaning that the wearer can embody or give as a gift to communicate a message. This Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace displays a Green Jade Buddha which is the symbol of Buddhism, China’s oldest foreign religion. This necklace can serve as a beautiful reminder of the past that still shapes our present.


4. Multicolored Jade

Jade Sterling Silver 7-1/2" Toggle Bracelet

If you haven’t fallen in love with Jade yet this powerful combination of Lavender, Red and traditional Green Jade might finally turn your head.  This Sterling Silver Toggle Bracelet features three types of Jade stones, in three groups, with three in each pair. Can we guess that three is considered a lucky number? Show off your good luck at having found such a stunning bracelet.


5. Charcoal Beauty

Jade Sterling Silver Floral Ring

Jade is known as the “royal gem” and is prized for its toughness and beauty. This Sterling Silver Floral Ring displays a captivating shade of Charcoal Jade, expressive in its deep color that will reveal new elements in different lighting. Ringed by blue topaz, this ring unfolds like a perfect bloom frozen in time.


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