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It’s a great feeling to be “in the know” and it’s even more fun when that comes to fashion. I have the inside scoop on what new styles are making their first entrance this year that can be easily matched with your favorites from last year. The early bird gets the worm and the early shopper gets all the envious looks on the street!


1. Asymmetrical

Pencil skirts are tried and true but this season get ready for a literal twist on a classic with asymmetrical skirts. Pulling the viewer’s eye to the side and adding sensual draping across the thigh and lower leg this skirt is definitely going to turn heads in a great way. Serena Williams is ahead of the game with a Side-Twist Skirt that is made of a figure-framing jersey knit, and comes in lots of great colors!




2. Volume

Oversized sweaters, wraps, coats, ponchos-the volume with new styles is focused on tops and it looks amazing. A well-done voluminous sweater that is left loose or belted at the waist creates the look of a slimmer figure by contrast. Marla Wynne does this style right with her “Drama” Knit Kimono Topper. It’s so effortlessly chic, not to mention cozy.


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3. Higher-waist Skinny Jeans

Here’s a style we’ve seen before but done more subtly for wearers this time. A high-waist pant that falls just at or below the navel paired with a skinny fit will make your legs look longer and help define your curves. Match these two trends with a black pant and it’s like the trifecta of slimming, sleek bottoms. Try MarlaWynne FLATTERfit Skinny Pants and you may never want to take them off.


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4. Shooties

This year is still hot with boots and a new style is shooties, where shoes and boots meet. Partially closed with a peep toe and heel strap, shooties are the perfect spring-transition shoe as the cold weather tames down but we still need some coverage. Vince Camuto has a great option with the “Emmit” Slingback Leather Shootie that is edgy while still remaining feminine.




5. Draping Layers

Spring is about creating textures within our outfits. Even if the only textile on you that day is cotton you can build interest around your look with draping layers. The mix of lengths, angles, and the soft ruching details makes a mono-tone outfit look even more sophisticated. Introduce a top like the Serena Williams All-In-One Cardigan and Tank to start experimenting with draping layers.


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What new fashion are you ready to try out?

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