The Ingredients We Want to Know For Great Skin and Hair

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We know that certain products work better for our skin or hair type than others but we’re not always sure what detail makes all the difference. Everything from moisturizers, to cleansers, to hairsprays and fragrances are all built from a few baseline ingredients that give them their definitive effect. In the beauty world being fluent with a few key names and ingredients can go a long way in knowing which products to reach for depending on the time of year and also in helping you decide which new products to try! Make sure to add these 5 ingredients to your beauty vocabulary and learn about the textbook building blocks for beautiful skin and hair.


1. Peptides

With a peppy name it makes sense that this ingredient is used to help firm and lift skin. Peptides contribute to building protein in the skin and one of the #1 proteins in the skin is collagen which gives our skin it’s supple texture and elasticity. This ingredient is most commonly seen in creams, serums and moisturizers as the longer peptides are allowed to work their magic the better! The Reverse Lift Firming Eye Cream with Argifirm from Serious Skincare is a perfect example of an eye cream that uses peptides in its formula for age-defying beauty.

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2. Vitamin C

Mom always told us to take our vitamins and now we can see why! Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant that helps to protect our cells from free radicals that contributes to cell aging. Another great benefit unique to vitamin C is that it helps build collagen and promotes cell renewal so our skin appears brighter and more radiant. Tan Towel uses Vitamin C in their formula for the Half Body Plus 15-pack to help ensure a sun-kissed glow that’s also good for the skin.

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3. Vitamin E

Vitamin C isn’t the only letter in the alphabet that helps with beauty care; Vitamin E is also a common ingredient in hair products. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant but it has unique benefits for supporting hair growth. With the way this vitamin supports capillary health it can enhance our hair follicles abilities to regenerate and produce thicker, stronger hair.  The Amazon White Clay Thicken & Extend Duo by Taya Beauty uses Vitamin E in their amazing healthy hair combo along with moisturizing oils for improving hair’s texture, volume, and strength.

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Vitamin E is also super moisturizing for the skin and can be used in lotions and chapsticks for soothing irritations and preventing dryness. The YBF You Glow Girlfriend Lip trio by ybf Beauty uses Vitamin E in this set to give our lips beautiful color and amazing softness.

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4. Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is one of five alpha hydroxy acids, which also includes the other acids of lactic (milk), citric (citrus), malic (apples and pears), and tartaric (grapes). The difference with glycolic acid is that it can be made from sugar cane and is minimally abrasive on the skin. This ingredient is commonly seen in cleansers and exfoliates as it helps to brighten and improve our skin’s complexion by clearing the outer layer of dead skin cells. The Beauty Award Contender Kit by Serious Skincare is an example of glycolic acid cleanser matched with intensive morning and night serums to help refresh skin on a deeper level after lightly exfoliating.

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What’s one of your favorite beauty products that use these ingredients?

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