The Hottest Electronics and Gadgets at this Year’s Consumer Electronics Show

You want to see new electronics? Well, HSN has them for you! I recently had a chance to get an in depth look at all the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year. This is an industry-only event, so we get a behind the scenes looks and special access to see brand new products. I scoured every inch of the Las Vegas Convention Center for 3 days checking out the new tech!
From what I saw and experienced, 2011 will be the year of the tablet.  There were about 80-100 new tablets announced during the event! Just about every electronics company is manufacturing or working on its version of what a tablet should be. This is an ever popular and emerging market, with many contenders trying to get their product in your hands.

HSN has taken some of the best and brought them to your door, such as the Coby Tablet, Nextbook, Nook Color, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, Motorola Xoom, Gateway Computers and enTourage, and we have even more innovative tablets to come.  For those unfamiliar with what a tablet is, it is a computer, but generally not as powerful as a laptop or desktop PC, usually 10” screen or less, but ultra portable, with internet capabilities, e-reader, document editing, and many other standard computer functions on a more limited scale.
Tablets are here to stay, as the focus for everyone to be connected everywhere increases.  Here at HSN we have kept this in mind by creating mobile apps, and even a mobile website, so you can see us on just about any device anywhere you are. How great is that?
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Next up on the radar was new HD TV Tech. 3D is becoming a more and more popular category as well as internet connected TVs. 3D sure enhances the experience of watching your favorite movie, but right now there seems to be a big industry debate, over which type of 3D is the best. Much of the debate centers around whether to use TVs that require active glasses, passive glasses (like what you use in the movie theater) or no glasses at all.
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The world of 3D is also expanding into various other products to watch out for too, not just your TV or Blu-ray player.  These include the recently released Nintendo 3DS, Fuji 3D camera, and even some camcorders from JVC and DXG.  Don’t worry though, as all of these new technologies still work just as well in standard high definition 2D modes, should you not want the 3D option.
The next and latest improvement has been surfing the internet, updating your favorite social networking sites, various applications, and streaming videos right on your TV – no computer needed – and all from your couch. These new “Smart TVs” are getting more and more popular.  We’ve seen this from some of the TVs we have had here at HSN, such as our LG with wifi, Sony Google TVs and some newer models from Mitsubishi. Various manufactures have their own proprietary services offered through their TVs!

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With so much tech innovation coming our way in 2011, we are updating and bringing you more and more great products every day that will make your life easier and even more mobile, like Beats Studio Headphones and the Olympus SP815. Make sure you tune in, to see your favorite electronics and hosts, right here on HSN!
–David Desilva, TV Research Specialist
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