The Hard Hitters of Bead and Stonework Jewelry

The Hard Hitters of Bead and Stonework Jewelry

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Despite all of the amazing innovations of our century, sometimes the best things in life are rooted in the basics like bead and stonework jewelry. Simple and stunning these jewelry styles use the best resources that nature has to offer and only refine it through cuts and designs. When your outfit needs a refresher try working some of these earthy creations into your fashion environment.


1. A Beaded Bib Necklace

"Karishma" Beaded Multi-Row Bib Necklace

A single bead might not be much to shake a stick at but when artfully stitched together a simple medium can create an awe inspiring design. This “Karishma” Beaded Multi-Row 25″ Bib Necklace by Bajalia incorporates rich colors in colorblocking patterns and creates textures through the use of beads and gemstones of varying sizes. It’s a tribal design definitely worth wearing this fall.


2. Two-for-One Stones

Multigemstone 2-Piece Bronze Ring Set

The only thing better than one coral ring, is one turquoise ring perfectly built to match it. This Multigemstone 2-Piece Bronze Ring Set by Studio Barse is nesting design where the two rings can be worn as separate pieces are locked together for a more dramatic effect. The natural copper-hued veins that run through the turquoise stone make coral a natural beauty to pair it with. Let’s take a lesson from mother nature in selecting our complementary colors too.


3. Leather Inlaid Stones

Bronze Leather Inlay Gemstone Drop Earrings

We like jewelry that can be both strong and delicate at the same time, which is why we love the idea of pairing our favorite colorful gemstones with inlaid leather. The contrast of textures and colors makes earrings like these Bronze Leather Inlay Gemstone Drop Earrings look like they were just freshly unearthed and cut for this design. Mixing these two different textiles also helps make the jewelry more accessible for styling with a multitude of different looks from dressed down to highly polished.


4. A Triple Threat Ring

"Akuti" Triple-Stone Knuckle Ring

The most popular colors of fashion all have their original origins in nature as we draw inspiration from what surrounds us. This “Akuti” Triple-Stone Knuckle Ring uses lapis stones to offer us a deep blue dive into stonework beauty. The subtle shimmer of the stones makes this ring a great accent for a crystal necklace or earrings, but even worn alone it will make a statement.


5. Bronzed Gem Bangles

Bangle Bracelet

Whether pushed up high on the forearm or left loose to dangle around our wrists, bangles design are coming back in a big way for fall fashion. One of our favorites ways to wear this trend is with a few earth-tone gemstones to set it off. This Bangle Bracelet displays red sponge coral, round orange quartz and triangular spiny oyster woven on “rope” textured bronze rails. Come October when autumn is in full swing the warm colors of this bangle will be the perfect accessory for the season.


How would you style beaded or stonework jewelry ?

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