The Fashion of Passion Throughout The Decades

The Fashion of Passion Throughout The Decades

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Have you ever wondered how current fashions came into popularity? Particularly the many “classic” romantic looks that fill us with a feeling of sentimentality and nostalgia. Now we can trace the roots of these momentous turning points in fashion with the help of a book that’s done its homework on the fashion of romance, love, and passion throughout history and pop culture. The Looks of Love covers everything from the military-inspired couture fashions of Belle de Jour to the bohemian chic Summer of Love to the present, with style tips to pick up in every chapter.


1. The Boho Chic of Woodstock

The Boho Chic of Woodstock

Woodstock was a defining moment of the 1960’s. Filled with impassioned music and expressions of art and culture,the fashion of the festival was no less unique and exciting. Even today our fashion celebrates regular phases of bohemian apparel whether it’s in the form of long peasant skirts, paisley print dresses, or a signature denim jean with distressed detailing. The G by Giuliana Luxe Denim Boyfriend Jean isn’t far off from the looser, laid back style of Woodstock too.

G by Giuliana Luxe Denim Boyfriend Jean


2. Dynasty’s Decadence

Dynasty’s Decadence

The 80’s were marked by the dramatic affairs of one wealthy family on Dynasty. To fully represent the soap opera’s play over-the-top episodes full of torrid romances and betrayals, the show’s fashion had to be glamorous, eye-catching, and decadent. Sequins, diamonds, and satin shone throughout the seasons alongside new flames and heated battles. We might not glam up as often as the ladies of Dynasty did, but we can enjoy this fun style with an item like Slinky® Brand Reversible Sequin Apron.

Slinky® Brand Reversible Sequin Apron


3. Vintage Bonnie and Clyde

Vintage Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde were a killer couple of the 1930’s and the movie portrayal, Two For The Road, that covered their notorious crime spree also did a fantastic job of reflecting the fashion of the period. Sharp suits for Clyde and a sexy tomboyish style for Bonnie. The hallmark of Bonnie’s look centered around simple swing skirts, and knit tops, accentuated with a nod to flapper fashion with her bobbed haircut and hat. Another popular look of the 1930’s were the oversized fur coats, loosely cut, like this Reversible Faux Fur Coat by Hal Rubenstein that’d be sure to keep the wearer warm with those rising hemlines.

Reversible Faux Fur Coat


4. Rogue Flashdance

Rogue Flashdance

Of course no book encapsulating the marriage of style and passion would be complete without a nod to Flashdance. The storyline of a woman living in a man’s world working to make her dreams work is emphasized by the dichotomy between her wardrobe from day to night. Showing that even sweats can be sexy, we see this style coming back today with athleisure looks like this Serena Williams Off the Runway Solid Sweater.

Serena Williams Off the Runway Solid Sweater


Make sure to pick up your own copy of The Looks of Love to read through more excellent pairings of fashion and passion. What’s your favorite romantic style?

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