The Consumer Electronics Show of 2015

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CES 2015 is here! Referred to as the ‘tech lover’s dream conference,’ the Consumer Electronics Show is every geek’s favorite time of the year – and we just finished taking in all of day one’s tech goodness here in Las Vegas. Over the years, CES has introduced and showcased some of the most game-changing technology, from the VCR (1970) to the xBox (2001). This year, it’s all about the connected home, wearables and more. Here are some of my favorite trends so far from CES 2015!


1. The Connected Home

One of my favorite things. From your lights to your coffee maker, we now have the ability to easily and efficiently connect so many things in our home, and control them from anywhere in the world. New connected devices at CES this year include toys and sporting equipment, and even cars are getting in on the action!


There’s one device, a driving monitor, that stays in your car and pairs with your home’s Nest thermostat. It has the ability to set your home to ‘away’ mode as you pull out of your driveway, minimizing energy usage in your home. On your way back, the device can estimate how long your commute home will be and trigger your Nest at just the right time, so that your home will be at the prime temperature when you pull into the driveway.


And of course, I couldn’t help check out all of the newest connected printers. Printing from anywhere, wirelessly? The best!


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2. Curved Displays

There are curves everywhere at CES this year! From mobile devices to TVs and monitors, we’re seeing all kinds of stunning hardware. The phones fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, and the TVs and monitors feel like they’re wrapping around you. Between that and the fact that 4k content is becoming more and more accessible, we really are entering a whole new world of entertainment.


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3. Wearables

Eek! I love wearables. Fitness trackers hit the scene not too long ago, and already have the ability to track our steps, our fitness routine, and even our diet choices and sleep patterns (side note: if you’ve never tracked your sleep patterns, I highly recommend it! It’s really fun and super insightful to see how well you’re sleeping, the times you wake up, and more – all in graph form). Now, there are more wearable options than you can even imagine. New smartwatches, fashionable fitness trackers that look like jewelry and even devices you wear on your head that measure brainwaves and play music to help reduce stress (seriously).


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We’re covering CES from all angles this year, so make sure to stay tuned for more updates and photos from the tech lover’s playground!  If you have any questions about new technology or what’s happening here at the conference in Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to ask.


Which new tech product are you most excited for this year?

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